Archer’s Tale MOD APK (Free Shopping/Immortal) 0.3.46

Updated 10/04/2021 (3 years ago)
NameArcher’s Tale APK
PublisherBabil Games LLC
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping/Immortal
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Archer’s Tale

Archer’s Tale is a thrilling vertical screen action RPG. With fast-paced dungeons combined with unique roguelike-style dungeons, the game is highly sought after by the community of gamers. Archer’s Tale has always brought novelty to each player. You will have the opportunity to become a hero with skillful archery, not only that but by performing the quests in the game you can also become the master of arrows, bows, and crossbows. Participate in fiery battles in the fantasy world. Where there are dungeons and mazes with no way out. Use your own tactics to kill enemies fastest.

Coming to Archer’s Tale’s, you will have a multitude of exciting missions. Equip yourself with cool weapons. Crush evil enemies with many special skills. Thanks to the use of sharp 3D graphics and high-quality sound, players will enjoy the game fully. Not only that, but mystical locations are also waiting for you to gather information. You will have unique weapons and powerful equipment. At the same time, it must be mentioned how the designers build very unique heroic characters. From the provided resources you can create your own hero.

Archers Tale mod

Download Archer’s Tale mod – Destroy evil monsters in dungeons

Archer’s Tale’s actions are quite similar to other RPGs of the same genre. There will be some hints on how to play when starting. To move the character up or down or left, you will use the joystick in the bottom corner of the screen. Press on the gates that appear in front of each cellar or maze to enter the ruins of the ancient city. Here come your enemies are hiding. To destroy you can stand still, aim and shoot. If you are chased or notice that the enemy’s bullet is coming, stay away from them by moving your character. Because the NPC characters move very quickly, it requires you to be very agile and alert.

Archers Tale mod free

Interesting mission

The game offers you a variety of missions. Focus on finding and destroying monsters. These quests have increasing difficulty with the levels. More than 100 different monsters scattered in random dungeons and mazes. You will have to learn to avoid their special attacks and skills. You need to practice many special skills to break the defenses of the enemies. Collect yourself the most powerful weapons. Become the most powerful person in the survival arena. Meet and fight with ferocious epic monster bosses. This way you can quickly and dramatically increase your strength.

Archers Tale mod download

Choose your skills

The game is divided into several levels. Character skills will be collected and upgraded through each level. At the end of a level, the game presents you with 3 skill options. Choose one of them to become your skillset. Some outstanding skills like elemental arrows, faster attack speed, attack multiple arrows at the same time,… You will be stronger if you upgrade your special skills. On the way to becoming an archery master, the training of skills cannot be ignored. You are the one who decides the character’s fate. Try to destroy the enemy as much as possible to get the loot. They work to upgrade your skills.

Archers Tale mod apk

Equip your payload

The game includes a lot of unique equipment and weapons. In the dark dungeons hide countless items that are necessary for each player. A variety of powerful equipment that you can use such as helmets, helmets, powerful shields,… To increase attack and strong defense, fighting weapons are indispensable. OK. For example, bows, crossbows, poisoned arrows,… Players can also craft their own favorite bows. Then strengthen them with powerful gems and magic artifacts. Or you can also upgrade the arrows. Make every shot become more powerful than ever.

Archers Tale mod android

Archer’s Tale is a survival fighting game that you should not ignore. The quests are extremely rich. The opportunity to participate in fiery battles with epic epic bosses. Unique weapons equipment. Countless skills that make you stronger. The game is simple so it is easy to reach many players. Therefore, the game has been embraced by the community of gamers. Download Archer’s Tale mod possesses unique weapons and receives valuable items and rewards.

How to Download & Install Archer’s Tale MOD APK (Free Shopping/Immortal) for Android


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