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Updated on 26/12/2022 (3 months ago)
NameDelta Touch APK
PublisherOpen Touch Gaming
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SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Delta Touch belongs to the action game genre, raiding mysterious houses or anywhere. Any terrain can become the focus of your mission; destroy them all to complete the task. The action sequences followed each other to create a chaotic scene; only the sound of gunfire was heard in that room. The dispute between you and the enemy, each side aiming and sniping the other, is hard to control. But with a good shooter, you can quickly handle them in silence. If you let them detect, you will die, and the gunfire sounds will take more power to destroy. Quick shots, ending their lives quickly will be much better.


Various scenes for you to unleash prove to be a good shooter. The map will show you the way, guide you in the right direction, and find where the enemy is dressed there. Observe everything around, and take advantage of the terrain to hide if necessary. When the enemy turns out, you have to shoot it a few times, the number of health decreases, and its life will decrease. The level of destruction is increasing; quickly adapt, or you will become their lucrative prey. You have to be sure to shoot continuously until it lies down, not just a few shots. Destroy it completely but still, make sure your blood is at a stable level.

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Download Delta Touch mod – join enemy sniper battles

Your enemies are everywhere on the terrain map that Delta Touch offers. You explore each house and outdoor area to ensure that you don’t miss any competitors. They hide before or behind you; surprise attacks will make you regret it. Because then you haven’t had time to destroy the opponent, but let it kill you first. These shocks can happen continuously if you are not alert and alert around. You will conquer every terrain, every corner, as long as an enemy appears. Such attacks will last for hours if you protect your life long.

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Detailed guide map

Delta Touch will give you a map, clearly showing the places in this action game. When you look here, you will see a panoramic view of all areas; you look and choose where you want to go. Empty lands and large houses will make your experience more enjoyable and more dramatic. The places you go through, make sure there are competitors there; otherwise, it’s a waste of time. Short, long, winding roads will make your adventure fascinating. Each place is shown in different colours, blue is the forest, brown is indoors, and black is the dark sky. Wherever you fight, you will show your talent and keep your gun steady.

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Diverse shooting terrain

You will get bored if you shoot each other at a familiar spot. Delta Touch allows you to shine; wherever you go, you can fight. You think going to the forest will have many hiding places, but try staying in a dark room. Maybe in your house, it will be easy to snipe from a distance while the opponent is not paying attention to you. You need to observe, choose the opportunity, and click the trigger wherever you are. The space is ample; the enemies are numerous, just afraid you will have a weak heart and be imprisoned. Becoming a top shooter is still arduous; you need to try and practice hard.

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Upgrading combat weapons

A great assistant to help you go far and destroy many enemies is the gun. It will always be by your side and act according to your control. Every decision to press the trigger, to aim directly at the target is made with one hand. That decision helps the gun operate at its total capacity, whether right or wrong. For it to be able to do better, aiming at the opponent from afar is the only way to upgrade it. If it is promoted, you will also quickly reach the top position. You and the gun are two inseparable objects, adjacent and supporting each other in actions. You can change different guns, each with its unique function and power.

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Delta Touch brings moments of intense and dramatic combat. Players feel the authenticity entirely in each battle with the enemy. Sniper phases and 180-degree rotation to destroy the target show that you are a professional gun player. Shortcuts or quick support are displayed on the easy-to-observe screen. You need to do your role well and destroy as many opponents as possible. Your gun skills will be recognised and recorded on the scoreboard. Those achievements will be retained, and when you look back, you will feel proud of yourself. Download Delta Touch mod, act with multi-function gun, shoot and bring many prizes to the archive.

Download Delta Touch APK for Android

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