Lvelup RPG MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy) 3.2.3

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NameLvelup RPG APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Lvelup RPG

Levelup RPG is a familiar rescue role-playing game released by a Japanese manufacturer. The story takes place in the medieval years. In a peaceful town with the villagers living in harmony. There are green demons appearing and interrupting that peace of your town. Everything from houses, roads, villagers,… were destroyed and killed. At that time, you are in the process of practicing martial arts and swordsmanship. You realize that you have to stand up to wipe out these green demons and find the happiness inherent in the villagers. The battle goes on from day to day, from place to place on your island.

These green demons appear everywhere on your beloved island. From green forests to deserts, from plains to high mountains. They have a strange appearance and change through different locations. Upon seeing your appearance, there are youkai that turn to run away, but there is also youkai that stand back to fight you. They also have different levels, the higher level will stay to defend and prevent you from destroying their entire race. These youkai are very cunning when deliberately running towards their comrades. Lure the player to chase the place; there are many new monsters of the same type that arise to surround the player.

Lvelup RPG mod apk

Download Levelup RPG mod – Defeat the monsters that appear on the peaceful island

The action buttons are designed to be easy to reach and use with two main button areas. On the right hand side are three different operation mode buttons of the player. The first button is shaped like a sword, when in this mode, the player will hold the sword in his hand and slash down the enemy. Next is the shoe-shaped button, in this mode, the player wears the sword in his hand and moves to explore and find the location of the monsters. Finally, there is a stick-shaped button that hangs a handle. In this mode, players will search for items, rewards, and gifts for personal later. On the left side is a circle-shaped scroll button that controls moving left, right, and around.

Lvelup RPG mod

Hero upgrade

The hero of Levelup RPG has three main stat items that appear on the screen. The first health column is green, you need to kill all monsters in the map range before this HP column returns. Next is the MP column is the purple attack power column. This column represents how much of the enemy’s life force can be destroyed by each slash of the player’s knife. Finally, the blue column is the EXP experience column. This is also the column you need to pay attention to next. This column must be filled quickly to level up the character. Unlike other games, Levelup RPG requires the player to kill as much as possible to have more experience to level up the character.

Lvelup RPG apk

Different youkai

The battle takes place in many places with many different timelines in Levelup RPG. Each place will be the presence and sweep of different monsters. For example, on a green meadow, is the appearance of tyrannosaur-shaped monsters. They have the same color as the trees to make it easier to hide behind trees that you don’t know. Or in the pine forest in winter are monsters dressed as ninjas. They hide and hide under the grass or on the branches of pine trees that are difficult to detect. On the ponds and lakes is the attack of fish-head-shaped monsters. With this they can easily cross or hide under large lakes.

Lvelup RPG android

Upgrade the sword

In addition to collecting experience to level up the character, players can customize the hero’s sword. Collect crystal shards that drop every time you kill a monster or cluster. Crystals of different elements strengthen to make your sword more powerful. Also if the player collects the same swords. It is entirely possible to combine these swords to level up swords faster. Unlock more gift chests or participate in game events to collect more swords and crystals. Each downward slash of the sword released powerful wind lines of the same color as the sword’s system.

Lvelup RPG apk free

The changing terrain also makes it a bit difficult for players to find and fight monsters. The player does not know what awaits on the other side of the wooden bridge over the long river. Can attack monsters from easy to hard ones. Small level monsters that attack the player will not be affected much. The time to kill these monsters is also faster. Then go to the boss monsters. They are the treasure of crystals and experience for you. Download Levelup RPG mod to kill the green monsters on the island.

How to Download & Install Lvelup RPG MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy) for Android


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