Lustful Shores MOD APK (Free shopping) 6.2.0

Updated 15/07/2021 (3 years ago)
NameLustful Shores APK
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 4.1+

Introduce MOD APK Lustful Shores

A player with an extremely unique style has just been released recently. I mean Lustful Shores. This defense game not only gives you the experience of building defense towers to destroy monsters. You will have even more moments of real excitement with the outside elements in the game. Released by Nutaku, a publisher that is familiar to a certain segment of players. Just listening to the name will immediately recognize, highly recommend gamers who are not patient enough should not read this article!

Not to mention the unimportant traits, but I’m sure everyone will only care about them. Although Lustful Shores is labeled attractive, the Gameplay element is still shown very clearly. Exactly, this is a game player. Your mission will be to build fortified defense towers. To prevent the enemy’s brash attacks. Each level will have consecutive rounds. The higher the rounds, the more and dense monsters will be. Requires you to handle all of them through towers with great damage.

Lustful Shores mod

Lustful Shores mod version

  • Free shopping.
  • Free Talents.
  • A large amount of money to buy towers. (In battle)

Download Lustful Shores mod – Protect the kingdom from monsters invading

You will be tasked with protecting a kingdom from the invasions of monsters. Somehow they have been transformed and gone mad. Now they are flooding into your kingdom in enormous numbers and races. You must eliminate them to prevent any enemies from entering the kingdom’s territory. Otherwise, they will riot and affect people’s lives. You are provided with a lot of weapons in the form of towers and powerful magic. Combined with everything reasonable to create a strategy to defeat the enemy.

Each level will include a certain number of innings. For the first rounds were just simple small monsters like goblins, werewolves. Later, larger and more dangerous monsters will appear like orcs, dragons, or giant monsters. On the defensive side are friends with solid towers that can be built in designated locations. They are equipped with technologies and weapons to repel and confront monsters. Prevent monsters from reaching our base camp. If you complete all the turns in the level, you will win. On the contrary, letting monsters overflow into the base and losing all your lives means losing.

Lustful Shores mod apk

Build infinite strategies

In the Lustful Shores, there is an enormous collection of powerful defensive towers. They are the core elements of a goalkeeper gamer. Play the most important role in controlling and destroying monsters on the game screen. The strength and functionality of each tower are also clearly distinguished. There are towers capable of breaking armor and slowing enemies, towers with mysterious magical powers… Almost the number of towers cannot be counted and is extremely different in parameters. The impact on the game screen is not small. Your job is to arrange a reasonable way for them to maximize their strength when facing monsters.

Lustful Shores mod mod

Various types of magic

Accompanying powerful defensive towers that cannot be ignored are magic types. With extremely high damage and effect that you can consider bringing in. They will help you get out of dangerous situations like the enemy approaching the base where the towers are not strong enough to destroy it. Let it take a rain of fire with Fireball, or hold it off long enough for the tower to be powerful enough to destroy with Cyclone. In general, magic is an indispensable part of every battle as it helps you to turn a visible goal. Depending on their effects and strength, choose carefully because the number of spells will be limited in each level of play.

Receive desirable gifts

The number of levels is a lot along you have to overcome hundreds, thousands of dangerous monsters during the journey of Lustful Shores. So the game will give you the rewards. For the efforts, you put into overcoming challenges. Part of that encourages you to keep fighting and get to the end of the game. These can be small gifts by completing missions in levels. Or really valuable gifts when you complete a certain number of levels or destroy bosses. Anyway, try harder to destroy all the monsters in Lustful Shores.

Lustful Shores mod free

With all that mentioned above. Along with the characters are hot girls who will accompany you throughout the game. Lustful Shores is a decent player that you can enjoy for a long time. With beautiful 3D graphics in each level of play. Beautiful and charming 2D character image. Definitely will make you unable to take your eyes off once you experience it. Download Lustful Shores mod and repel evil monsters.

How to Download & Install Lustful Shores MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android


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