Galaxy Forbidden Zone MOD APK (Increase Game Speed) 1.0.7

Updated 14/04/2023 (1 year ago)
NameGalaxy Forbidden Zone APK
PublisherLT Games
MOD FeaturesIncrease Game Speed
SupportAndroid 5.0+

Introduce MOD APK Galaxy Forbidden Zone

The galaxy is a significant and dangerous place as you explore it through the Galaxy Forbidden Zone. With that nature, only warriors have enough strength to participate. Transform into a god capable of controlling beautiful and arrogant warriors. Create a fierce battle with the dark forces of the universe on a large scale. Not only that, but you also have love along with whatever you desire. A perfect world where we can immerse ourselves in more beautiful things. No other place can give you these privileges.

Galaxy Forbidden Zone is a game with elements of strategy mixed with elements of adventure and action. The game brings us many colours through long journeys, possessing a dense storyline with details that make anyone nervous. This game is also developed with 2D Anime graphics with beautiful details. Indulge yourself with even the most natural sounds reproduced. Perhaps this is a super product that everyone needs to try once in their life. Takes you to the paradise of the most beautiful people in the world.

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Download Galaxy Forbidden Zone mod – Dominate the vast galaxy

You are a dark god whose absolute power the universe has given him. However, the enemies outside still cause certain discomfort that cannot be eliminated. However, you have come up with a way to manipulate the Valkyrie goddesses. They will follow your orders and stand ready to fight your hostile forces. It’s also an excellent way to protect the Milky Way from destruction. When the female warriors join the mission, they must destroy all the enemies to continue. Reaching the finish line is the only way to get the reward. Don’t let the enemy get stronger. Instead, build your strength as high as possible.

Meet beautiful people

The beauty of the female warriors is what holds you back on this journey. The developer did not let us down with the super charming creations of the characters. Each goddess creates for herself an attractive beauty that cannot be found anywhere else. They also possess skills that provide excellent combat conditions. You can leverage the people you need to create a complete squad. Continually recruit female warriors of higher rarity to increase their strength. Unlock the fantastic features hidden deep within them as you reach higher levels. Killing multiple enemies will help the characters gain experience and level up.

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Summon equipment

In addition to the level, the equipment will affect about seventy per cent of your fighting ability. The more powerful the equipment, the more chances we have of winning against more vigorous opponents. These items are very diverse, including capes, armour, helmets, shoes, and other jewellery. If you have enough of this equipment, your stats will also significantly increase. But the higher you go, the higher the battle requirements are. So we need to collect better and rarer things to use actively. Wheel of Fortune is the best place to get these items. So cumulate to try your luck and bring home the best.

Galaxy Forbidden Zone mod apk1

Infinite Dungeon

You need to find for yourself the precious materials, and only the dungeon can meet them. There will be many random rewards for you to harvest in the jail according to your strength. Your level will be able to progress to a particular floor of this dark place. But it will also be dangerous with tons of enemies around that are incredibly aggressive. So be careful because you may lose your life if you are careless in the Galaxy Forbidden Zone mod.

How to Download & Install Galaxy Forbidden Zone MOD APK (Increase Game Speed) for Android


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