Lust Academy Deluxe MOD APK (God mode/High Damage x5) 1.0.7

Updated 09/12/2021 (2 years ago)
NameLust Academy Deluxe APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode/High Damage x5
SupportAndroid 4.1+

Introduce MOD APK Lust Academy Deluxe

Games inspired by classic games along with refined graphics are attracting many players today. Inspired by the classic arcade shooting game – Thunder Strike – the new game released by Nutaku called Lust Academy Deluxe had attracted many players when it was just released recently. An action game with adventure journeys. Accordingly, the ladies in the game are lovely and beautiful with unique censorship scenes.

Lust Academy Deluxe is an action game with a combination of adventure and shooting game mechanics. Not only are there scenes in the gunfire, but you can also date the girls in the game to attract them. The closer your relationship with them is, the more attractive rewards you will have. The gameplay is straightforward, not too difficult for new players. Beautiful 2D anime characters with novel storylines. A game worth trying once to experience something new in Lust Academy Deluxe.

Lust Academy mod free

Download Lust Academy mod – Join the magic academy

Participating in the game, you will play as an instructor at a famous magic academy. As a trainer, you will lead the little witches – your students – to let the girls make the most of their skills. Help them become stronger to fight the most formidable opponents. Train the witches to your liking. Convince more witches to join your course

Your opponents can be giant dragons or weird monsters. Sometimes there will be beautiful female monsters. But when you subjugate, those girls become weak and always want to be with you. Fierce battles, if you do not prepare carefully for your students, you will not pass the level. So use all your abilities to win.

Lust Academy mod apk

The main characters

In Lust Academy Deluxe, there are more than 20 beautiful female students, along with attractive teachers. Instructors will direct you to other areas of the academy. Or answer your questions about this place. Create intimacy between your students and the teacher so that your feelings bond with them. You can recruit more female students. To teach her daughter how to fight monsters. Just for you to enjoy the girls in their own rooms when your affection for the students is enough, help the lovely girls use their magic skills.

Lust Academy mod

Many special modes

Not only has one game mode, but the game also has 4 different game modes with fascinating journeys. Story Mode mainly revolves around stories at the academy and fighting with opponents. Hero mode is for those who like to challenge giant bosses. And there are other special modes. Each game mode will have different rewards in terms of gold and experience. The higher you go, the more difficult and dangerous the journeys become. You need to apply reasoning skills to pass each stage smoothly.

Upgrade power and equipment

Instead of upgrading your character directly, you will use experience pots to upgrade your character. Also, use the gold you earn to upgrade their skills. As well as the most appropriate strength index. Character level depends on your level, so at the same time, you also have to increase your level to be able to increase your character’s stats. Not only strengthening the character, strengthening weapons is also allowed by the game. Strengthen everything and avoid throwing off the magic balance like combat ratio and armor for your girls.

Lust Academy

The storylines bring attractive elements along with simple but not boring gameplay. Each journey is an exciting adventure and full of surprises for players. Lust Academy Deluxe game will bring you the best experience. Helps you to relax after a tiring day at work. Looking at the beautiful girls, attractive lecturers will give you the motivation to explore the world here. So let’s join in this game. Let’s explore the most wonderful magical world. You will not be disappointed when choosing Lust Academy Deluxe mod.

How to Download & Install Lust Academy Deluxe MOD APK (God mode/High Damage x5) for Android


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