Stickman Lightsaber Warriors 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0

Updated 14/02/2023 (1 year ago)
NameStickman Lightsaber Warriors 2 APK
PublisherBloody Stickman Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.0.3+
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Introduce MOD APK Stickman Lightsaber Warriors 2

Stickman Lightsaber Warriors 2 is an action game that follows the cult game series of the same name. Under the warm reception of the gaming community. The manufacturer has released the second part with many improvements and new identifiers for the game. With a relatively simple interface design but equally attractive. Stickman Lightsaber Warriors 2 has brought players new experiences in the form of stickman fighting. Bring lightsabers to join the fierce confrontation battle. The appearance of the player and the enemy is relatively similar. Only the eye color and the lightsaber color are different.

The action game genre in the form of a stickman is quite familiar to those in the gaming community. Enemies intend to attack you relatively quickly and move into the battle area continuously. On the head of each character, there is a green horizontal bar representing energy. Every time a character is slashed, their life energy will be reduced. The horizontal bar gradually turns red until it is completely replaced by this color. At that time, that character will fall and be replaced by a patchy puddle of blood. This means that the number of kills you kill increases by one person. And if it’s you, it’s the end of the game.

Download Stickman Lightsaber Warriors 2 mod – Lightsword fight between stickmen.

Manipulating the character in this part is almost the same as in the old version. Just move the character close to the enemy, repeatedly touching the opponent to attack them. Keep going until they run out of energy and fall. The number of characters you kill will be added to the black skull icon on the screen. The more this number, the higher the item you get. Besides, a row of squares with turquoise color is at the bottom of the screen. Inside each of these squares, there are black icons representing support keys. Just touch the squares with the desired icon to take the same actions.

Distinguishing characters

If you only look at the basic appearance, it is difficult to distinguish between your character and the enemy. Players can create a highlight for their character by changing its appearance. From changing the color of the weapon to changing the character’s hair. Short orange hair that stands out in a bun or a black knight’s hat. There is also a man’s hair along with a gray beard. There is also a green alien character head. Or a head that is a combination of two colors, red and black, and full of spikes. Red, turquoise, green, and orange swords are provided to you.

Stickman Lightsaber Warriors 2 apk free

Support skills

As you know, at the bottom of the screen, there is a series of support skill keys. Each square represents a different skill won by the player. The more squares you unlock, the more skills you can place. For example, the plus symbol with a number at the bottom is the key to increase the attack index. The black turtle icon with the number at the bottom reduces the speed of the enemy. The shape of a sword with arrows pointing up and back is used to adjust the direction of the sword’s movement. There are many other supporting skills waiting for you to collect and discover to increase your chances of winning.

Stickman Lightsaber Warriors 2 mod pak

Area color

The locations in Stickman Lightsaber Warriors 2 are relatively simple and similar. It was simply the fight taking place on a wide and long rock. The colors of the rock and the sky change over time and the level you play in. The rocks are green, purple, brown, pink, etc. Corresponding to the rock color changes is the appropriate sky color. From morning to sunset and dark, but that doesn’t stop you from winning. For the most part, these changes do not affect your strength and speed. This change only makes the game screen more attractive by affecting the color of the player’s eyes.

Stickman Lightsaber Warriors 2 mod

Depending on how fast you kill enemies, the number of them will vary. In the beginning, they only appear in a small way and move at a slow speed. When you have defeated a number of opponents, the enemy’s movement speed also increases gradually. The number of them appearing was also denser. Players need to pay attention to destroy in general and avoid being suddenly attacked by these characters. Enemies also have different bloodlines, so you need to decide which one to kill first. Download Stickman Lightsaber Warriors 2 mod that attacks black stick people with a powerful lightsaber.

How to Download & Install Stickman Lightsaber Warriors 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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