Lost Era: Immortal Legend MOD APK (Menu/Dumb enemy/Move speed multiplier) 1.3.8

Updated 20/02/2023 (10 months ago)
NameLost Era: Immortal Legend APK
PublisherEfun Game Ltd.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Dumb enemy/Move speed multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Lost Era: Immortal Legend

Stop powerful demons from falling from the sky and protect humanity in Lost Era: Immortal Legend. Monsters have appeared in the human world and committed brutal acts of carnage. They tore the sky separating the worlds of gods and humans to invade the earth. The invasion of demons has brought an unprecedented nightmare to humanity. So the gods of heaven had to rescue humanity from the hands of evil spirits. However, the monsters were too powerful, and the gods failed to seal them. Humans can now only rely on the power given by the gods to fight.

The demons broke the pact with the gods in the heavens and committed carnage. Their purpose was to obliterate humanity and weaken the gods’ power ultimately. Humans worship the gods very much, so they can receive unceasing energy from there. So the strongest demons did not want the monsters to be oppressed and slaughtered humans. The human world is now engulfed in a sea of blood and is sinking into the abyss of destruction. The gods also had no choice but to give power to humans to make them strong. Lead the power of the gods inside the heroes’ bodies and fight evil with them.

Lost Era Immortal Legend android

Download Lost Era: Immortal Legend mod – Protect the world in the era of destruction

You are trusted by the heavenly gods and sent down to the world to protect the human world. Humans were completely slaughtered, and everywhere in the world appeared a sea of blood. The demons have not stopped there and are scouring the earth to destroy humanity. Their brutality makes everyone lose hope, but you have finally appeared. Divine power will help you summon heroes to fight evil demons. The gods pass the responsibility of protecting the earth to you, and humans believe it too. Carry out the mission of the gods and protect the human world safe from the era of destruction.

Lost Era Immortal Legend apk

Sublime mission

The appearance of evil demons turned the human world into a place of complete chaos. They had gone mad, and the deadly circumstances made them even more robust. The search for humans and their carnage is constantly taking place all over the world. Humanity was about to succumb, but a man with a noble mission gave them hope. The gods in heaven can only stop the cunning and powerful demon lords. And they have put divine power in you so that you can protect humanity. You can summon powerful heroes to fight evil demons.

Lost Era Immortal Legend free

Hero summons

Your noble mission when receiving a part of the power of the gods is to save humanity. The evil hand has destroyed the balance between the heavens and the dungeons of this world. The devil’s carnage on society needs to end, and you will do it yourself. Your journey to save humanity will not be alone, thanks to your summoning abilities. Those summoned by you will hold a part of the power of the gods and fight the demons. They can be mighty warriors or the most talented generation of wizards. Summoning heroes is the mission you need to do to defeat the monsters in all wars.

Lost Era Immortal Legend mod apk

Final victory

Step by step, your hero summoning ability has prevented the devil’s carnage. And the gods above also gradually recovered their strength thanks to the humans finding their way to life. But the demon king will not let you win easily, and the journey against evil is still ahead. So you need to summon as many powerful heroes as possible and put them on the battlefield. The battles will help them develop heroic skills and fight powerful demons. You also need to accompany them and maintain the divine power they receive. The evil bosses are the last gate you must overcome and try to win.

Lost Era Immortal Legend mod

All traces of the civilization founded by a man almost disappeared just because monsters appeared. The demon army led by the evil boss has come and wreaked havoc on the human world. The angels can only stop the strongest demon lord’s existence and still need help. You will be the one who has the power to summon heroes to aid humanity in battle. Great divine power will help you upgrade your hero and achieve victory together. Your journey against evil is unfinished; try to find the final success. Download Lost Era: Immortal Legend mod to summon immortal heroes against evil demons.

How to Download & Install Lost Era: Immortal Legend MOD APK (Menu/Dumb enemy/Move speed multiplier) for Android


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