Luna Fighting MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense) 1.0.56

Updated 20/02/2023 (1 year ago)
NameLuna Fighting APK
PublisherMetajoy PTE. LTD.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Damage/Defense
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Luna Fighting

Fight against monsters from the dungeon and protect the world tree in the game Luna Fighting. A vast tree always protects the world where the heroic races live. And it is called a world tree when it covers everything under its foliage. However, there are not only heroes with great strength below this world. In addition to them, some dungeons appeared, and now they have begun the destruction process. Flames have spread to the world tree, and the safety of the heroic tribe is in jeopardy. Ready for the mission to move forward and protect the world tree from the monsters.

You will become a member of the most fierce battle in this world. The forces participating in the war are all the heroes of the six tribes facing the dungeon. The monsters that came out from there created a fire and spread worldwide. This dark flame destroys everything and has applied to the world tree that protects all heroes. The force of light no longer shines down from the world tree but is full of dangers. However, the world still has heroes from six ancient and powerful tribes. Start your journey towards the world tree and destroy monsters with dark plots.

Luna Fighting mod

Download Luna Fighting mod – Fight for the safety of the hero world

The fire caused by the enemies of the hero world spread everywhere and reached the world tree. Monsters are ravaging the most substantial barrier, and you must stop it quickly. Dungeon enemies were now burning the world tree that nurtured six heroic tribes. You will be the leader of the team of heroes to protect the world tree and destroy the enemies. They also dream of exploring the world out there to increase their strength. However, monsters around the dungeon will always appear and prevent the hero from saving. Join the war to protect the peace between heroic warriors and dungeon monsters.

Luna Fighting free

Continent of heroes

The place you go to is a land protected by a large and mysterious world tree. It gave life to the six tribes and allowed them to grow under the trees. The power of light from the overhead trees helped the world to have powerful heroes. However, the world tree also protects the monster dungeons from being harmed by the light. And they organized the attack on the world tree to repay the favour they usually do. The monsters still didn’t get rid of their cruel nature, and they created the war. You are an exploratory member of six heroic tribes and must fend off their onslaught.

Luna Fighting mod apk

Dungeon victory

Your mission when accompanying the heroes is to protect the safety of the world tree. The hero’s enemies were the monsters that created this catastrophic war. They made destructive flames that carried the power of darkness and permeated the world. And now the fire had flared up with the invasion of monsters out of the night. But the heroes of these six tribes joined together and began their journey of protection. You’ve got a chance to move forward with them and will fight every dungeon. Explore the strange world under the protection of the world tree and win the monster dungeon.

Luna Fighting android

Protection strategy

The journey to protect the world tree and the peace of the heroes has begun. And the enemy that the hero party you lead is the monster that escaped from the darkness. They create flames that destroy the world tree and want to help night invade everywhere. Because the force the monsters focus on is vast, you need a strategy to protect the world. But first, you need to take your hero forward and explore the force. Only by understanding the monster’s origin can you conquer the dungeon. Head towards the dark dungeon and use a strategy to defend against the monsters that appear.

Luna Fighting apk

Welcoming your footsteps as you reach the place surrounded by the world tree is a battle. This is a battle between the forces of six powerful heroic tribes against monsters. They were the ones that lurked under the world tree and accumulated more vital monster forces. And now, the continent of heroes has become the target of the dungeons. But you feel the spirit of fighting for the world of heroes and will accompany them. A good defence strategy will help you and your heroes discover the power of dungeon destruction. Download Luna Fighting mod to explore the mysterious continent and destroy the enemies from the dark.

How to Download & Install Luna Fighting MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense) for Android


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