Love Pheromone MOD APK 1.1.5 (Menu Free Premium Choices)

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NameLove Pheromone APK
MOD FeaturesMenu Free Premium Choices
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Get caught up in a love drama with an otome simulation called Love Pheromone. Here, players can discover a love novel full of romance but equally thrilling. Play as the main character of the game, carrying a special pheromone. This substance made her go anywhere, it released a scent that attracted men there. She begins her journey to explore the city, meeting everyone that appears in front of her. But this particular point also entails a lot of troubles that begin to appear in her life. A visual novel game genre that combines many elements such as drama, romance, and horror, … all converge.

The main character is just the daughter of an ordinary nobleman. But in this kingdom, body odor determines a person’s worth. If the scent is more attractive and attractive, your level is higher. It was thanks to this pheromone that she attracted four different guys. Falling into a passionate love triangle. And you still can’t know who should go with you to the end. It all depends on your hand. After clicking the start button, a map of the location of the four guys chasing you will appear. Click on the face icon of the guy you want to meet at that time, there will be different options given to you.

Love Pheromone android

Download Love Pheromone mod – Join a love story between a noble girl and a boy

The stories between you and the boys in Love Pheromone all have problems to solve. Your job is, of course to make decisions on those issues. When night fell, there was a blackboard projected onto the white text. It runs up the plot and the communication between the characters. Players can click the skip button to skip the lengthy episodes you don’t want to see. Or press the Auto button to let the text run from one line to another. There is also a Log button to end the story with this guy if the player doesn’t want to. Occasionally, a male character will appear to communicate with you.

Love Pheromone apk free

Four Dukes

Four boys pursue the main character, each with unique, strange beauty. Xion has a nonchalant look, wearing a white duke suit combined with elegant pastel purple. The smoky purple hair color and the round glasses on one side exude an unpredictable charisma. Loade has a mischievous vibe. Long blonde hair tied at the back of her head, combined with a green earring. Tri-tone with the earl’s suit of the same color. Harleyton seems to be a serious guy with brown skin and amber eyes. Opposite him is probably the sly boy Kyle. The long purple hair stands out on his white face, along with the blue suit.

Love Pheromone apk

Change of clothes

Refers to the female protagonist, who exudes a scent that attracts men. She is a girl with big round eyes and a cute face. Along with brown hair neatly styled in the back. As a daughter of a noble family, each outfit she wore was carefully chosen. They are purchased with the blue heart-shaped diamonds you win. With many different styles spread around the world. There are ancient Chinese clothes. Earl style clothes of European royals. Or a turquoise French dress with a white high collar and trendy gloves.

Love Pheromone mod apk

Mystery ending

As mentioned above, every development, decision to solve the problem is chosen by a player’s hand. Therefore, every decision you make will change the story in a different direction. The ending is sad or dramatic, depending on the mood and emotions of the player. Each problem has up to three different options. After the story sequence ends, the player can start over and open a new path to create a different ending. Each story takes place in different locations. When it was in the courtyard of the ancient castle. When it was in a dark, damp warehouse. There are many times when the weather buys wind, storms, … The side character route also surprises players.

Love Pheromone mod

In the map area of ​​Love Pheromone, there is a blue book in the right corner. Clicking on that player can follow the profile of the boys who are pursuing him. There is basic information like name, age, height, and personality, and they have pictures in their imagination. Based on that, see if the person you choose is suitable for your personality. Download Love Pheromone mod opens dramatic love stories revolving around five noble people.

Download Love Pheromone MOD APK (Menu Free Premium Choices) for Android

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