Loverz MOD APK (Unlimited all) 4.2.3

Updated 02/05/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameLoverz APK
PublisherFannin holdings limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited all
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Loverz MOD APK detail?


1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited Coins
3. Unlimited Energy
4. Unlimited Items

V2: Free rewards

Introduce MOD APK Loverz

If you are a person who likes to be dating but work is too busy. So much so that there is not even time to go out and make more new friends. But still want to experience sweetness and love, then Loverz is the perfect game. This game will open a simulation world where players share their passion. Life outside has inherently worn down the human body both physically and mentally. The time to spend for yourself is very little, let alone talk about love between men and women. Because of that, many people are old but still can’t find a lover. A life that is so hectic and rushed that everyone has to run in a non-stop way. And Loverz is like a tranquilizer or a candy that can soothe the soul.

Nothing but love is what makes everyone’s heart peaceful. But not everyone enjoys the greatness that love brings. Some people haven’t dated for a long time, so they forget what to do when they meet the opposite sex. With the Loverz game, players can experience all emotional levels in love. What the love story in real life has, in this simulation game, will also be. It’s all incredibly realistic on each experience for Loverz players.

Loverz mod apk free

Download Loverz mod – Dating in the virtual world.

No need to spend time learning or complicated acquaintance steps like dating in real life. Players only need to choose their favorite object, and the two can become a couple. It is a very entertaining game for boys to train themselves before falling in love, as a guide and place to practice fantasy dating. Sometimes thanks to this game, players find their ideal lover. Realistic images and sweet sounds of girls will help players relax entirely. Let this game soothe the tired souls of players right now. Many characters and love stories that the game prepares are waiting to be discovered. Bring romance but also drama when there is an unfortunate quarrel.

Loverz mod android

Swipe and find a girlfriend.

In the game Loverz, dozens of girls with their beauties are waiting for the player to choose. There is a girl with a transparent appearance like dew, a sweet girl like candy, a girl who is cold and unapproachable, a girl who is gentle like the surface of autumn water, and a girl who is naughty like a child. There are many girls with different personalities and looks, and their love is also very different. But all the girls, once they fall in love with the player, will fall in love with all their might. Are the players ready to taste the sweetness of the candy called love? All emotions are gathered in Loverz’s simulated dating world. Whether it’s a famous singer, movie actress, flight attendant, or even a princess, as long as the players want, they can go on a date with them with a swipe of their hand.

Loverz mod android free

Dating and flirting via text

After the players choose the object they want to attach, they will go to the next step. It is a dating step; two people will text and chat to get to know each other. Inquiring about interests and seeing what interests your subject has is a necessity. The Loverz game will suggest a lot of messages, and the player needs to choose the most suitable one. Note that you should not say anything that makes the other half lose interest. That will significantly affect the relationship between the player and his girlfriend. And if, during the chat, the player feels that the opponent is not suitable anymore. Then you can end the relationship and find another girl to ask for another love. Keep doing this until you find the soulmate you’ve always dreamed of, players.

Loverz mod

Lots of love stories

Because Loverz players will have to experience love with many of the game’s girls, so each time, players will enjoy a different love story. There is a girl who will often resent the player to comfort her, a girl who likes to go out a lot, a girl who will cook delicious food for players every day, and a girl who waits for players to come home from work until late at night. Each will bring a different level of love to the player. And there is a slight hint that after the players feel that chatting with each other is very suitable, they can improve the relationship by making an appointment to meet outside. The Loverz game will have a lot of great places for players to date. Keep going deeper to keep the fire of your love burning.

Loverz mod apk

Dating anywhere players want, whether it’s an amusement park, movie theater, or restaurant. Download Loverz mod to join in dating with virtual girlfriends and go through emotional stages in magical love with them.

How to Download & Install Loverz MOD APK (Unlimited all) for Android


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