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Updated 01/07/2022 (2 years ago)
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Love Academy

What will you do when you are accepted into the most prestigious university in the world? Trying to study and graduate with an excellent diploma? Most people would say no to this already. If you can think of anything, you can do it. Don’t hesitate to try it now. Because today I’m going to introduce you to Love Academy, this exciting school version dating game. If you have some understanding and are very excited, then let’s explore this game with me.

Love Academy is a dating game not for kids. Disguised as a casual puzzle game. Players will participate in the atmosphere of a university. Where teachers and students don’t just teach and learn. There are many other exciting activities that I don’t want to tell you about here. Only when you experience the game can you understand. In this university, it’s not just about acquiring knowledge that you can experience the most memorable stories of student life.

Love Avademy mod

Download Love Academy mod – Dating school version

Coming to Love Academy, you will be participating in a world-class university learning environment. This place gathers teachers with good teaching skills, along with talented and knowledgeable students. But that’s not the main issue we need to worry about. Your mission is to date the female teachers and female students at this school. Specifically, how, I will tell you in the next section.

First, we will meet and talk to each person. Use the available lines to talk. Tap the screen to cycle through the dialog boxes. Choose when there is more than 1 reasonable answer to make the other party feel satisfied and happy. If things go well, you will have a chance to spend time with them by playing a mini-game akin to candy stacking. But it is in the form of a honeycomb and chooses the same color balls to increase the score. If you complete the goal of the mini-game, you will gain that person’s affection. It is important to prepare for the next steps.

Love Avademy mod apk

Various characters in locations

The university environment is home to a lot of female teachers and students. No mention of their academic achievements. The girls must have a lovely body and face, guaranteed to attract you at first sight. Go ahead and talk to them. Some people will be quite approachable, but some will also be quite short-tempered and don’t want you to bother them. However, if you are patient, they will also open up to you. You can meet them in places like classrooms, hallways, gyms, canteens depending on the work and interests of each person.

Collect images through games

When you have won the hearts of the girls in school, through the mini-game, you played. Suppose you complete many new challenges a girl. She will open up and want to talk to you more. You can almost meet her at any time. Conversations will sometimes be added to rather delicate topics. Of course, those stories will be related to adulthood. She doesn’t hesitate to share the spoiled pictures with you. So collect them as much as you can. To own the most massive photo library of girls and teachers of your own.

Love Avademy mod apk free

Change special looks

Once mastered the conversation and dating. You’re almost on the level of intimacy with girls. They won’t mind sharing their most personal things. By this time, you can save money from the mini-games played. Shop a variety of gadgets and outfits to give to the girls. You can even change their clothes. Put on a new look and enhance the more attractive part of each person. Dress the girls in mini skirts, white shirts and lots of colorful hats.

Love Avademy mod mod

The university environment is a place where you can interact with many people. Make friends with students and teachers in the school. Experiencing the most school memories. In addition, you can do some things that no one has ever thought of. That’s what I’m talking about Love Academy. The game will give you another way to immerse yourself in the life of college students. Of course they can only be done in the game. But don’t be foolish to try them in real life. If you are interested, download Love Academy immediately to experience.

How to Download & Install Love Academy MOD APK (Unlimited energy/No ads) for Android


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