Bubble Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited bomb) 1.3.0

Updated 26/10/2023 (8 months ago)
NameBubble Hunter APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited bomb
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Bubble Hunter

The most attractive ball shooting game this year is probably Bubble Hunter. It is undeniable that with simple gameplay, glossy graphics are so attractive to players. The balls are arranged in no order with each other. How will you be able to break that giant ball matrix? Exactly, we will bombard them with cannons by precise angle screens to each angle. Let’s compete to see who is the best shooter. Welcome to Bubble Hunter, the gathering place of talented shooting experts.

Only with simple gameplay, no epic and sophisticated action scenes. Bubble Hunter is still beautiful to all gamers of different ages. It seems that anyone can play this game extremely happily. Both meet light entertainment, and set up tough puzzles for players to overcome. These puzzles are represented by colorful balls. Lots of interesting actions that you can do. The most unique is still the way to complete the game screen, which is very convincing and eye-catching.

Bubble Hunter mod

Download Bubble Hunter mod – Solve interesting ball puzzles

The game rules are straightforward. You have a giant cannon that can shoot colorful balls. On the screen will be balls arranged alternately not in a certain order. Your mission is to shoot and destroy all their structures until they all collapse. When fired once, the balls will push down one step. If you can’t solve them before touching your position, you will lose. So don’t let the balls touch the cannon. We have to make them destroy and fall. At the same time get a certain number of points.

So what is the rule of the balls? It’s very pale. Shoot the ball at the position of other balls of the same color as it. If there are 3 or more balls of the same color next to each other, they will collapse and you will get points. Not only shooting simply, on both sides of the game screen are separated. So you can shoot at the walls. Let them bounce back into the desired position. This requires a lot of skill in calculating distances and angles. If you are used to playing, you will feel extremely interesting with this color ball matrix.

Bubble Hunter mod apk

Take advantage of special balls

In the basic levels, we will only need to shoot at simple colored balls. However, when the difficulty increases, everything will be completely different. We will see the appearance of unique balls. For example, the ball has two colors. We can shoot balls of either color to destroy such balls. Or a little more difficult are the balls with chains. When hit, they will not fall immediately. Instead the chains will be disassembled. So you will need to shoot twice to be able to make them fall. A game that combines many balls like that will be extremely challenging.

Bubble Hunter mod apk free

Use enhancement items

To solve the more difficult levels, the developer has added a lot of interesting items. It helps you to overcome difficult levels more easily. Although it looks a bit like cheating, it is completely legal. Use rockets to pierce an endless line into the shadow boss. Or a giant bomb that can destroy a huge shadow area. 6 diverse items for you to use in difficult cases. Of course, their number will also be limited. Either you will buy them through the store, the other is received from the impressive milestone gift boxes. It can help you get through some of those levels.

Bubble Hunter mod free

Explore adventure

Bubble Hunter’s 1000 level system is told like a real story. Thereby 1000 stories will be clearly shown to you during the game. WitThegher it is, the more difficult it is to get used to it. T with the rules, this is certainly not an easy journey to overcome. But if the passion in you is big enough. The fun comes from the color balls that do not change, surely the journey will be completed one day not far away. And in the process, the rewards will be as a result of your well-deserved effort.

Bubble Hunter free

Not only colorful balls, your intelligence will also be a factor in the success of this game. Bubble Hunter is not too difficult, but to complete the whole thing is also a great achievement. Therefore, patience must be accompanied by fun to achieve success. Or simply relax a little with some intellectual challenges of Bubble Hunter mod.

How to Download & Install Bubble Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited bomb) for Android


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