Limbus Company MOD APK (God mode/Onehit) 1.37.1

Updated 13/05/2023 (9 months ago)
NameLimbus Company APK
PublisherProject Moon
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Onehit
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Limbus Company

A strategy game combining role-playing that attracts the curiosity of many players is called Limbus Company. Deep space brings a sense of suspense waiting for players to explore. In this game, you will play the role of the manager of a group of prisoners. This group is hired and managed by the mysterious Limbus company. They have to fulfill the requirements and dangerous tasks set out by the company. Simultaneously uncover the secrets of the dark and dangerous world. As a turn-based combat game and works with teammates, Limbus Company also requires players to have the ability to calculate logic. Understanding how players can participate easily.

Set in a magical world full of mysteries. The anime-style character system is designed extremely skillfully. At the beginning, the player is introduced to the plot of each chapter. Via a location map that marks the base area and enemy locations. Next to it are the words that talk about the main content of that chapter. Just click on the left or right arrow button to go through the contents of the next chapters. The characters in the gamg communicate through a black dialog box at the bottom of the screen. Players can also follow this dialogue to distinguish where is the enemy and where the teammate.

Limbus Company mod

Download  Limbus Company mod – Join the turn-based role-playing war at the request of Limbus company.

When you reach the main interface of the confrontation battle, a series of avatars of the characters you own appear. There is also a map that arranges the position; the player can change this position. Depending on the power system of each character, next to each person, there is a colour icon of that system. After arranging the place and order of the characters, you want to put them into battle. Players just need to touch the glowing orange gear in the right-hand corner. The turn-based role-playing battle officially begins, you will watch until the end of the battle without being able to intervene. Until the end, the remaining character on which team is the team that wins the level.

Limbus Company mod apk

Character system

Limbus Company owns 12 prisoners corresponding to 12 different character systems. Each person belongs to an other character class and can also belong to various power systems. From mercenaries, snipers, warriors, earls, … The cold count wore a dark black cloak on his shoulders. Or the white-haired warrior wielding a sharp Japanese sword of the same colour. There was also a mage with striking long orange hair, her weapon which was a wand. Most of the characters in the game are dressed in black to add to the gloom of the game. Players can also upgrade the stats of each character to make them stronger day by day.

Limbus Company apk


The player’s character strength control screen has an interesting point. It is the player who can connect the energies of the prisoners. Blocked at both ends by two glowing orange gears, a collection of hexagons is inside. These hexagons contain symbols of the strength of each character you bring into battle. Depending on the color, these icons have different uses. Players only need to connect these power symbols; then, the fight will take place according to your arrangement. For example, increase the combat power through the red icon. Or the blue icon corresponding to the speed increase.

Limbus Company apk free


Limbus Company fights in different modes, each of which corresponds to the storyline the game offers. At the beginning of the game, players can see all the content of the story chapters. But the player needs to complete the quest of the entire level in a story chapter first. Only then has the opportunity to unlock the ranks of the following story chapter. Dive deeper into the dark and dangerous world of Limbus company. This gives players more content to explore, new environments and enemies to face. Scenes from various locations, from abandoned towns. To haunted graveyards or forest edges.

Limbus Company’s projects are divided by names from A to Z. These projects are arranged in a spiral, with the centre being area A. This entire map is covered in a fiery red; you Explore each area to earn gold. And the remarkable thing is that you can cancel the opponent’s skill when you win a match. Players need to choose carefully because this skill can affect the total result. The new total is the final result determining whether your team or opponent is the winner. Download Limbus Company mod to explore the turn-based role-playing battle of 12 prisoners under the Limbus company.

How to Download & Install Limbus Company MOD APK (God mode/Onehit) for Android


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