Light-It Up MOD APK (Unlimited Props)

Updated 13/04/2024 (5 days ago)
NameLight-It Up APK
PublisherCrazy Labs by TabTale
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Props
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Light-It Up

Our world has times when it gets really dark with things in life. To get the color back, we need to have some interesting ideas. A joy that stimulates our innermost emotions. Restore faith in this good and wonderful life. Become an active person with optimistic thoughts and a pure mind. Experience Light-It Up MOD APK (Unlimited Props) to brighten up the gloomy world in your soul.

Inspired by the top parkour levels in real life by professionals. Combined with the classic stick figure that attracts many players. A world with mathematical blocks is created. All have made this great Light-It Up APK mod game. For those who love the deep silence in the gameplay. The stickman’s risky jumps through discrete blocks. The simple shapes of the game do not make us boring. On the contrary, it also makes us relax to the maximum extent. Makes you feel like you are lost in a huge imaginary world of your mind.

Light It Up mod download

Download Light-It Up mod – Light up youth thoughts

Come to the vast and vast world of the souls of newcomers. With the shapes floating uncertainly in this endless space. You are a stick man with a source of strength of faith and optimism. Use your peak parkour skills to jump over those floating blocks. Light them up by gently touching them to make them sing tunes. There will be stars hanging right next to it, if you collect enough stars, you are an excellent player. You can control the jumping stickman with the left and right buttons on the screen. Can be pressed twice to double jump, across endless spaces.

Light It Up mod android

Costumes for stick people

Your default stickman looks boring, you want something more eye-catching? Then Light-It Up APK will never lack beautiful costumes for your stick people. There are many costumes with different shapes such as angels, zombies, super saiyan,… You can choose for yourself by unlocking in the selection. Use the money you earn from levels to unlock these skins. Put on a new outfit that looks great. With your character light up the cubes in space. Make this game even more interesting with a collection of super cool and diverse costumes unlocked by yourself.

Light It Up mod apk free

Booster Item

To help your stickman move more easily, there will be power-boosting items. These items will assist you in the process of jumping over the blocks. Make it easier for you to conquer the level with this help. High jump shoes will help you to jump higher and farther like a spring. The magic wand will help you create a bubble that can take you through without having to jump. Steel shoes can help you grip more firmly on the worst terrain. Use these items wisely and don’t waste them in vain. In some cases, it can save your life in life-threatening situations.

Light It Up mod apk

Unlock new levels

Complete levels to progress to new and more difficult challenges. New levels will become increasingly difficult with more blocks and traps. Traps can be placed around where you can jump. If you jump on these things, you can be blown up or killed by arrows. So to conquer the more difficult levels, you will have to practice a lot to improve your skills. Don’t be in a hurry, jumping around will only make you disadvantaged. Conquer and unlock extremely challenging levels that challenge your quick eyes. Calculate the most accurate and neat jumps.

Light It Up mod free

Don’t die

This is the worst of all games and even Light-It Up MOD APK. If you die you will sink into nothingness and no one will know you anymore. The journey to light your dreams will have to stop halfway. Everything you are doing will be left undone and you have to start from scratch. Falls can also be life lessons from which you can draw valuable experiences and become better. more careful. Don’t make this mistake over and over again because it will turn out to be a disaster. Learn and become the best parkour. Download Light-It Up mod to freely own yourself beautiful stickman costumes, conquer the most difficult levels.

How to Download & Install Light-It Up MOD APK (Unlimited Props) for Android


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