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Updated 01/01/2024 (4 months ago)
NameKeep Talking & Nobody Explodes APK
PublisherSteel Crate Games®
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes MOD APK challenges your composure in bomb disposal missions. You will start a game in a dangerous situation locked inside apartments. And you will discover that besides yourself, time bombs are waiting to explode. Therefore, you must quickly defuse the bomb to protect your life as well as others. However, you have very little knowledge about this field and need help from your friends. That’s when you pick up the phone and call them for instructions on defusing the bomb. Get ready for stressful missions while defusing bombs on different levels.

The task you must perform is to defuse the timed bombs in the room. And where you live in an apartment with a locked door, so you can’t run out. So, the only way to stay safe is to defuse the bomb as quickly and effectively as possible. During that process, you will listen to instructions from your friends via phone. Therefore, this will test the coordination between you and those you trust. By listening and following the steps, you can prevent bombs from exploding. Start bomb-defusing challenges thanks to the instructions you receive from your friends.

Keep Talking Nobody Explodes mod

Download Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes MOD APK – Overcome dangers in bomb-defusing challenges

You will participate in challenges that test your communication and problem-solving abilities. First, you will realize you are in danger when facing deadly bombs. They are timed and will explode destructively as soon as the timer ends. So you will feel the enormous stress and pressure you have to face. However, you need to stay calm and contact your most trusted friends. They will look up information on defusing a bomb based on the facts you describe. You will then follow the steps they instruct and escape the dangerous situation.

Keep Talking Nobody Explodes apk

Bomb defusing challenges

Tense and dramatic bomb disposal challenges must be completed for your safety. That’s because you’re trapped with bombs that are sure to explode when the timer runs out. So it would be best to have help and advice from friends when making calls. When they answer the phone, you will communicate with them by describing the characteristics of the bombs that need to be defused. Then, they will determine how to remove it and explain the operations and steps. However, in different challenges, the bombs that appear will also be different. Therefore, you need an accurate description so that bomb defusing goes smoothly in Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes MOD APK.

Keep Talking Nobody Explodes free

Challenge your communication skills

You will receive bomb removal information via phone from your friends. They are not directly in the room, so you need to describe the details of the bombs to them. But you need to speak briefly and completely so they can quickly look up the type of bomb. From there, they will give you the steps to defuse the bomb and help you escape a dangerous situation. And this is also a challenge to your trust in your friends. You can completely survive if you receive the correct instructions and follow the correct steps. Overcome communication barriers at the bomb disposal levels you are attending.

Keep Talking Nobody Explodes mod apk

Overcome all dangers

Time bombs, once exploded, can instantly cause you to lose your life. And since you’re locked in your apartment, this can affect the people around you. So you must quickly call your friends and get their instructions on defusing the bomb. However, in easy levels, the bomb will not be too complicated, and you can complete the challenge. But later, they will have more modules and details that take you time to describe. Therefore, you need to remove the bomb in steps to overcome the challenges quickly. Escape danger in the apartments by successfully neutralizing the bombs.

Keep Talking Nobody Explodes android

You are facing mortal danger when before your eyes are time bombs. They will explode quickly, and you need to find a way to disable them before that happens. And with the phone in your hand, you can call your friends and get help. When they receive the request, they will listen to your description of the bombs and start looking up. Then, it would be best if you listened for bomb-defusing operations to neutralize it. However, you must be calm during this process so that the bomb removal can take place safely. Download Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes MOD APK to neutralize the bombs with help from your friends.

How to Download & Install Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes APK for Android


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