Fury Shot 3D MOD APK (Unlimited items) 1.3

Updated 26/08/2022 (2 years ago)
NameFury Shot 3D APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited items
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Fury Shot 3D

How will you handle it when a bunch of people is about to gather to deal with you. Let me show you ways to deal with them with Fury Shot 3D. Including the most gentle and brutal ways, you can think of. But that’s okay because the image won’t be too realistic for you. Moreover, these actions also contribute to a very high level of stress relief. Prepare for the revenge scenes bold violent humor yet. Remember that this game is completely free and can be downloaded at any time.

Although it is a game about revenge and violence, you will not use any weapons such as guns and knives to do it. We have the intelligence to solve these problems. One of the things that reinforce intelligence is magnets. Yes, with just a few magnets, apply the magnetic field to do whatever you like. Only when you play directly will you understand what I am talking about. Your task will be to keep people from getting close to you. You can do anything with the given tools.

Fury Shot 3D mod

Download Fury Shot 3D mod – Escape from the siege of the bad guys

Fury Shot 3D is a system of consecutive levels. In it, you will have to face the bad guys coming towards you. If they touch you, you have lost. You have to use all you have to be able to keep them at a certain distance. If you have kept all the enemies, you have almost won. Remember that the higher the level, the stronger the enemy is no longer a surprise. So you have to practice a lot. Make the most of what the level allows you to use. With those special tools, a lot of interesting situations can be created.

Each level puts you in an unknown place, not sure where. There, the enemies are red characters. They will target you at a remarkable speed. You are given a couple of seemingly useless items that are magnets. You don’t even know how powerful this thing is. That is until you use it to draw objects towards you. Creating lots of collisions with enemies is fun. To keep them from coming near you. That’s it, but it’s enough to challenge a lot of smart players.

Fury Shot 3D mod free

Solve by many methods

The magnet you have is not just used to attract enemies. It is also a perfect tool to entice many other objects. Apply the magnetic force well to be able to knock down all enemies. You can draw other objects close to the enemy for them to take effect. Even using different magnets to work with many things at the same time. Thus, the number of enemies will be gradually reduced. Difficult levels will have a lot of enemies. Otherwise, their speed will also be very high. Don’t look down on it, or you will lose it.

Fury Shot 3D mod apk

Make good use of intermediates

The objects around the screenplay a big role in helping you win. Huge iron balls can crush enemies. The bombs always explode everything when activated by magnets. Or explosive barrels with the same effect but much more powerful. It’s just one of the most useful methods to keep your enemies at bay. In addition, there are many other unique items on the game screen. It can show you how to keep your enemies as smart as possible. You will become a tycoon if you know how to use them all.

Use the money to make things more fun

Don’t get it wrong with real money. You will not have to pay a dime for this game. I’m talking about the gold stat in Fury Shot 3D. It seems they don’t have too much effect on the levels. Mainly this is the main resource for you to buy skins and wear for your enemies. It sounds ridiculous. You will see them wearing quirky hats that look very interesting. Of course, they will not affect the game screen. Simply a fun addition to make the game look more fun.

Fury Shot 3D mod apk free

Just with simple actions and fun gameplay. Fury Shot 3D will give you everything. But you have to use all of them to complete the game most convincingly. Until you finish them all, you will see that Fury Shot 3D mod is a game that emphasizes intelligence and how to handle situations.

How to Download & Install Fury Shot 3D MOD APK (Unlimited items) for Android


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