Life of Mellow MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets) 1.2.0

Updated 11/01/2024 (3 months ago)
NameLife of Mellow APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, tickets
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Life of Mellow MOD APK detail?

1. Unlimited gold
2. Unlimited tickets

Introduce MOD APK Life of Mellow

Life of Mellow is a village building simulation game that brings peace in stormy days. Having built your village, let’s expand and develop this place as much as possible. According to the survival, school was relaxed and peaceful, with no noise or fighting at all. Play as the sweet Marshmallow, and experience a peaceful but equally dangerous survival adventure. In a small, remote countryside, on an area with nothing big. Players have to do many things to survive and thrive in the long run. The main goal is to build a village that can become a base for heroes.

Greening every corner of Life of Mellow, farming, building a farm, gathering resources… The wild and barren lands through your hands will also become a rich land. . Different from other survival game experiences. Instead of having to take place in bloody battles, coming here, you just need to enjoy and experience. No need to be too careful, just open your heart and wait for the wonderful things that nature brings. On the wooden board are attached pieces of paper that take pictures of your lands. Unlock a lot of these papers representing the lands and villagers that you own.

Life of Mellow mod apk

Download Life of Mellow mod – Green the barren land and build a village of Marshmallow heroes

After selecting a piece of paper on the board, the player is taken to that land. Start by hiring Marshmallow heroes with different functions. Then the construction of wooden houses located in many areas. Tear down old, dilapidated houses and replace them with new, more spacious buildings. The land is divided into many squares separated by dashed lines. They are shaped and structured like a chess board with small squares. Each square can be placed a house or a plot of land. Must collect resources such as wood, stone, metal… Or grow different food crops to ensure food supply.

Life of Mellow android

Rent Marshmallow

Building and collecting work in Life of Mellow is quite simple and easy to do. But because the land area is also relatively large, the work will pile up if not done. Therefore, players need to hire more marshmallow workers to work. They will assist you in the process of building a thriving village. Hunter marshmallows and agricultural harvesters often wear green triangular scarves. The only difference is the tools they hold to serve what kind of agricultural products. The teacher marshmallows have a blue scarf and a bachelor’s hat on their head. Or cultivated marshmallows wearing a striking light blue scarf.

Life of Mellow apk

Building construction

To serve the construction of the village, buildings are indispensable. Life of Mellow offers a treasure trove of buildings essential to life and work. Of course, each house will also have operating support marshmallows. The buildings have different designs to distinguish the genre and the use. For example, the church is simulated like a real one with a tall bell tower. The spinning mill is made in the front of the house. The school was built bigger with charcoal green roofs. In the middle, there is a round clock placed in the central building. The wood storehouse is built with large logs and has a reddish brown roof.

Life of Mellow mod

The weather changes

Life in a small village is simulated like the real thing, indispensable for the change of weather. Different crops will also affect farming and construction work. The features of that season are also included in the game by the manufacturer. In spring, the trees sprout, and the land is covered with a fresh green color. There is also the interlaced lotus of small beautiful purple and yellow flowers. Summer with frequent heavy rains makes the land wet. Autumn makes the whole scene turn a gloomy golden brown. And in winter, the white cover of the cold snow covers the entire area.

Life of Mellow apk free

In addition to opening many lands, players can also expand the land they own. Then on these very lands, raise livestock and poultry. Letting white sheep run around the area. Grow luxuriant fruit trees, grow rice, grow corn, or grow eggplant gardens in an area. There’s a sign above the screen that tells you what season you’re in. Next to it is a red thermometer that shows the current temperature of the area. There is also a clear river flowing through this arid land. Download Life of Mellow mod, build the village of Marshmallow heroes and make it the most livable place.

How to Download & Install Life of Mellow MOD APK (Unlimited money, tickets) for Android


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