Happy Restaurant MOD APK (Unlimited money/Gold shovel) 2.0.4

Updated 05/04/2023 (11 months ago)
NameHappy Restaurant APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Gold shovel
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Happy Restaurant

The restaurant is where the best dishes in Happy Restaurant are born. All of these are served upon request. Make them satisfied with all that they enjoy. Soothe the hunger that has been making me angry for a long time. Being a good chef will always know how to please your customers. At the same time, you also need to know how to do business to advance well. We don’t need to use quite complicated tricks. It will be stable as long as there are firm steps and keeping up with the market.

Cooking and running a business are two completely different things if you are an inexperienced person. But to turn it into a passion and invest in it is different. We will be playing the role of boss for our restaurant chain. Decide on your business strategy and forms of development. The scale gradually expands and earns as much profit as possible for the following upgrades. You can accomplish many targets in new activities. The things that hinder you now will no longer matter because they have been completely simplified.

Happy Restaurant mod

Download Happy Restaurant mod – Run a happy restaurant.

We invested in an old facility to turn it into the complete restaurant of our dreams. Unfortunately, this job requires a fair amount of time. First, look at the guests who are coming to your restaurant. They choose the dish, and the chef fulfils the order. When the food is ready, the waiter will bring the food for the guests to enjoy. There are no mistakes in this process, and you will get paid. Don’t forget to play the games to get more benefits. Expand the service into many other big branches and a better investment. Most importantly, the restaurant’s menu also needs to be optimized.

Expansion of services

Initially, your restaurant only has the essential services that every other restaurant has. But after you have revenue, you must upgrade to attract more visitors. The first is the number of dining tables and chairs and their quality. Buy finer tables and chairs to add to the restaurant’s grand lobby. Replace the floor at will with a disco style or other varied texture. Upgrade the staff so that they work more professionally in serving. Add more decorations to make your entire restaurant more pop. Finally, new dishes are updated regularly.

Happy Restaurant mod free

Collect recipes

Each recipe brings a unique flavour from different cultures. Diners can fully feel the sophistication if the chef is attentive. You need to spend quite a lot of money and perfect more challenges to win more advanced recipes. The rare the formula appears on the menu, the more guests will come. It can be said that the number of guests depends on the items you serve. We can make dishes that are popular in Europe. Make unique recipes for Asian restaurants. You will do what guests need at the fastest speed and conditions.

Happy Restaurant mod apk

Puzzle challenges are continuously created to give you an upgraded base for your restaurant. Each level is just a simple item classification that anyone can do. It is not too difficult and allows you to win continuously. This addictive nature can make you want to keep playing. More specifically, many things help you make a lot of money waiting for us in Happy Restaurant mod.

How to Download & Install Happy Restaurant MOD APK (Unlimited money/Gold shovel) for Android


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