MAD ZOMBIES MOD APK (Infinite money, grenades, medals) 5.33.0

Updated on 02/03/2023 (4 weeks ago)
MOD FeaturesInfinite money, grenades, medals
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Using a weapon is extremely difficult for many people. Even in some places, it is illegal to use a gun. Having your own powerful weapons is something very interesting. Get your own hands to shoot the targets you hate. Destroy them brutally to satisfy your desires. However, there is still a way to use a gun without crime, that is, to play the game MAD ZOMBIES.

To satisfy the gun passion of all people around the world. It is pleasing to gamers who love attractive and engaging shooting. MAD ZOMBIES was created to meet those needs. An offline shooting game with horror style to kill zombies. A 3D graphic sharply depicts the details of each dark scene. Gives you the creepiness mixed with a feeling of refreshing and hands-on. It is a very useful tool for you to put your anger on the heads of the undead. Make the most of your skillful shooting skills and assert yourself. An intense battle is waiting for you to join.


Download MAD ZOMBIES mod – Destroy hordes of crazy zombies

Facing hordes of dangerous and bloodthirsty zombies, you must prepare yourself. Carry heavy weapons to pass them and to designated locations. The game’s control system will be like other popular shooters. But unlike those games, you will not be able to move around but at a standstill. You will stand defense at one point to stop the zombies from going too far. This will be a lot harder than you can move because it requires you to be able to process quickly and neatly. If you do not have high skills, you will be torn to pieces. An end you don’t want to happen to you.

MAD ZOMBIES mod free

Variety of varieties

Similar to animals on Earth, there are many types of zombies. From weak types to those with many special abilities. Those with special abilities will be much stronger than usual. Possibilities can be mentioned as exploding, becoming dizzy, or gigantic. If you take damage from them, you won’t be able to survive for more than a while. So requires you to learn carefully about their characteristics in the game screen. Find their weaknesses and aim for them. If you get too many bullets on your weak point, the zombies won’t be able to last for too long. Be a smart player to overcome the toughest challenges.

MAD ZOMBIES mod android

Many types of terrible weapons

To kill zombies, of course, useful weapons are needed. There are many weapons of all genres for you to choose from. There will be a submachine, pistol, rifle, and machine gun. High-value guns will be the first choice for you. Because of the terrible damage, it brings. Makes you able to get through the game screen quickly and easily. So save yourself a decent amount of money from the levels. Then buy expensive guns to fight, don’t buy them indiscriminately. If you buy it indiscriminately, you will never be able to get stronger. It will make you struggle with the levels because the guns are not at will.

MAD ZOMBIES mod apk free

Addictive gameplay

MAD ZOMBIES possesses extremely addictive gameplay for shooters. The quite strict requirements of the game will make you struggle to survive. From there, it creates a very interesting experience for players. Wielding powerful weapons to watch zombie specks fall at your feet one after another. Crush them and defend your base from the threat. High difficulty challenges the most experienced players. Come up with appropriate strategies to stop the terrible army. Takedown bosses with giant and scary sizes. Faced with danger, it is impossible to escape from it.


Suppose you feel that the bonuses from the levels are too little and slow your progress. You can join and complete daily quests in MAD ZOMBIES. Many attractive gifts are rewarded for completing the mission. You can get a lot of money from these quests. Survive the most dangerous and difficult missions to achieve great rewards. Along with many other interesting events in MAD ZOMBIES will make you feel extremely excited. Download MAD ZOMBIES mod to breathe rightfully for yourself the guns that are both weird and powerful. Sweep hordes of aggressive and bloodthirsty zombies out of your sight with classy fighting skills.

Download MAD ZOMBIES MOD APK (Infinite money, grenades, medals) for Android

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