The Tank MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.3.4

Updated 28/03/2024 (3 months ago)
NameThe Tank APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK The Tank

A battle tank will create a legend only available in The Tank, a place that allows you to fight hard for a warrior’s great aura. Face hundreds of enemies with only one of the most potent combat vehicles. Sweep them until there are no more chances left. Victory is created by us and built up from our efforts. That way, no one will dare to challenge your will anymore. Prove to the world that you can be the greatest in the world.

If we talk about stick people, we will immediately think of the legendary trend that has been born for a long time. Now many games, including The Tank, are inspired by it. Describe an impromptu fight that only exists in the minds of young children. However, it is outstanding entertainment to show the desire to fight. Allows you to remove the pressures of life perfectly. Grow yourself, slaughter, and turn all enemies into corpses. The goal of a man with ruthlessness makes up for victory.

The Tank mod

Download The Tank mod – Crush enemies with tanks

The armies from beyond the borders are threatening the survival of your empire. Can’t let that happen. Prepare your tank well and hit the road. You will approach the enemy and use your catapult to attack them. The force of the shot will be based on the simulation line, so you can more easily calculate. Try to knock down the targets before they can attack you with their weapons. This way, you can save your life and go as far as possible. Until you reach the end of the way, no enemies are left. That’s when we accomplish the big goals we need.

Hundreds of levels

You will be surprised that The Tank has many different levels with increasingly improved challenges. It is also the journey that our stickman must go through to achieve success. We need to complete all the given targets of the level to be able to be appreciated. There are a total of three stars equivalent to the three achievements that you have obtained. We can see our tasks first and then follow through. More and more enemies with effective weapons will make it very difficult for you to defeat them. Therefore, the skill will be essential for us to win.

The Tank mod free


If you want to go further, you will have to upgrade the warrior and your vehicle. We’ll have four different upgrades so you can train and improve quickly. The first will be bullets with options such as stone, cannonballs, poison bullets, and fire bullets… Next is armor for the tank operator to avoid the unfortunate damage received. Don’t forget that the tank’s protection is essential as it gives you the most damage resistance. Finally, upgrade all your tanks to new and more powerful models. With so many options, you have complete control over everything you need.

The Tank mod apk

Necessary skills

These skills will be an excellent factor in increasing your influence on the enemy. That is what makes your attacks many times more effective. These skills will mainly cause your bullets to be raised in damage, increased in number, or divided in many directions. When activated, it will put enemies at risk of being destroyed much more quickly in The Tank mod.

How to Download & Install The Tank MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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