Legends of Libra MOD APK 1.9.1 (Menu, God Mode | Always Headshot)

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NameLegends of Libra APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God Mode | Always Headshot
SupportAndroid 7.1+
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Adventure in the jungle with an action role-playing game called Legends of Libra. Start alone or go with a team to join the adventure campaign vertical screen. At the start, choose the character that the player wants. Equip this character with the most powerful weapons to fight with the minions of the dark forces. The setting is taken in the mysterious jungle. Players wear brown explorer suits. Carry a weapon in your hand, and carry a backpack containing support tools on your shoulder. In addition to going to attack to destroy evil forces, there is also a tower defense mode. Protect the base where important newly discovered documents are located.

The story begins with the character Abe, a familiar inhabitant of the forest. He looks fierce with a beard but is a gentle and kind person. Or scientist Clara whose main goal is to find artifacts or traces of ancient tribes. The two of them accidentally met and went together in the process of discovering the mystery of the deep forest. Archero warriors are the army behind breaking the ecological balance of the forest. It is impossible for them to dominate and destroy the habitat of nature like that. Players embark on the process of expelling all the henchmen from this earth.

Legends of Libra android

Download Legends of Libra mod – Adventure in the deep forest against the destruction of the Archero army

Step over the steps made of red stone to reach a lawn area similar to a football field. This place is surrounded by a red stone fence. In this field, there are waiting for obstacles and enemies waiting for your arrival. Move here, combined with dodging and dodging incoming bullets from the enemy. Tap enemies repeatedly to shoot them at the fastest speed. And so on, one after the other, through the wild-style redstone gates. Below the character’s feet is a circle of light of power. This circle moves in the footsteps of the hero. When you kill all enemies within the required range, you can run to the next place.

Legends of Libra mod apk

Character Unlock

Legends of Libra hero brings a lot of variety from people to animals. In addition to the forest hero named Abe mentioned above. There’s the girl Clara wearing an archaeological suit. A gun in his hand, a beige helmet on his head. On the body is equipped with bulletproof armor and combat support equipment. There is also a prominent red-haired girl with eyebrows of the same hair color. A pastel pink shirt with brown shorts. In her hand, she held a still burning torch that opened the way to the future. A gorilla with a fierce face. Wearing a green tank top and head scarf of the same color. On the body crosses, the bullet of the gun can be used at any time.

Legends of Libra apk free

Defense mode

Besides the familiar attack mode and nothing to criticize. Defense mode is also a new highlight of Legends of Libra. Keep attacking the enemy until they attack you again. Entering the defense area, the player stands in front of the base tent. Place wooden crates as targets and cover when enemies attack. Place more blue cannon cars that fire yellow cannons. It is possible to add small water boxes for enemies to fall there. It is also convenient to use the tornado skills of the water attack system. Surrounding the base tent is a blue dashed circle. When the enemy walks over there, the red warning light will light up.

Legends of Libra mod

Boss fight

Normally in the opening levels there is only the obstacle of small soldiers. It is possible that the people were drugged and bribed by them. Gray armored bulldozers with spikes pierced the defenses. The red bullet truck is made of wood with two bullet tanks on either side. But at higher levels, players can encounter the bosses behind them. General gorilla with a gray beard. Wearing the uniform of a longtime general. His eyes exuded murderous intent that wanted to wipe out humanity. Or the blue stone god made of haunted rocks.

Legends of Libra apk

If you kill those behind, the player can receive countless valuable rewards. Not to mention on the adventure path, sometimes there are gift chests that are contained in red chests. Unlocking can get new skill cards. There are new ammo types made from stronger materials. Skills like firing two or three different projectiles. Download Legends of Libra mod to destroy all the minions of the dark forces in the forest.

Download Legends of Libra MOD APK (Menu, God Mode | Always Headshot) for Android

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