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NameLoop Dungeon APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, immortal, Dumb Enemy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Loop Dungeon MOD APK detail?

V1 Menu
>God Mode + Dumb Enemy
>One Hit Kill

V2: Menu/Damage multiple/God mode

Introduce MOD APK Loop Dungeon

Loop Dungeon is a tactical RPG for action game enthusiasts. Play as warrior heroes defending the stronghold against deserters. Infiltrating the interior, there are also monsters involved. Under their onslaught, the king ordered the gathering of the strongest warriors. And the one who manages and controls these powerful heroes is you. In addition to gathering and training the most powerful warriors, you also have to come up with the best strategies yourself. Even if you have a strong warrior, if you don’t make full use of that power, you can still lose.

Depending on the ability and power system, it is possible to arrange the heroes in different positions. For example, as long-range combatants such as archers or artillery, the player can place them in the back for support. As for warriors who are able to fight at close range, the player can let them move forward. So that even if the warriors in front were dead, there was still a way for the youkai to move back. During that time, the ranged warrior was still fighting. Maybe they could take advantage of the short time to destroy the enemy. Each attack has white numbers flying up, which is the minus point of the enemy’s health line.

Loop Dungeon apk free

Download Loop Dungeon mod – Gather warriors against a team of monsters attacking the castle

The gameplay is relatively simple, with choosing the hero cards you want to bring into the battle. Depending on the number of empty cells, the player can carry different numbers of heroes. The left side is the area where your heroes start fighting. This area is divided into squares representing the location with the yellow border. Players drag and drop each warrior into the position you want. Once the perfect formation has been determined, the player can start the battle. Then just sit back and wait for the army of warriors to bring victory to you. If you lose, you can start over by rearranging the positions of the heroes.

Loop Dungeon android

Strong warrior

The main hero system is extremely powerful and of many different types. Players collect their life cards through winning battles. The higher the heroes are, the more magical their power and skills are. There is a knight wearing a black cloak, holding a sword, accompanied by a white wolf. Or the orange-haired warrior girl is wearing royal armor, holding a shield and sword. Or the red demon hero with two long horns, holding a black short sword in his hand. She wears Chinese-style clothes, her hair is playfully tied with garlic on both sides. Each has different strengths and skills.

Loop Dungeon apk

Beat the boss

Apart from the hypnotized deserters and petty monsters. In some special levels, players will have to deal with powerful bosses. These bosses are usually at the end of the chapter and gather extremely powerful powers. But this is your chance to win valuable rewards and powerful hero cards. Dropped loot can be powerful equipment. These bosses can be vicious ancient beast god dragons full of fire. Or the mutant wild boar that sprouted sharp spikes on its back. These boss bosses are all large in size and terrible in strength.

Loop Dungeon mod apk

Weapon Combinations

The weapon system and equipment that Loop Dungeon provides is extremely rich. Each of these weapons has different attack stats, strength, and speed. Legendary weapons that can make enemies tremble with attacks that radiate invincible power. Combine these weapons to bring out the power of the most powerful warrior team. In addition to legendary swords with noble names. Other weapons such as bows and arrows, short swords, wands, … Countless special weapons that the game provides for heroes. Players only need to combine them to take full advantage of the power.

Loop Dungeon mod

The dungeons frequently change, encountering different enemies. Explore new places spread across the country. Rocky cliffs with ruined dinosaur skeletons. Or waste under the dungeon built long ago. Or inside the dark, desolate forest with smoldering, gurgling cries. But where you fight is not as important as how you fight. A wise strategy so that when you exit the game, you come back also has a glorious victory. Download Loop Dungeon mod that gathers the nation’s most powerful warriors.

How to Download & Install Loop Dungeon MOD APK (Menu, immortal, Dumb Enemy) for Android


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