LED Blinker Notifications Pro APK 10.4.2

Updated 17/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameLED Blinker Notifications Pro APK
PublisherMario Ostwald
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce LED Blinker Notifications Pro MOD APK

When you need a tool to highlight app notifications, it’s probably LED Blinker Notifications Pro. Its job is to present the notifications of other applications in different ways. If you are a user of many social networks but do not know how to distinguish them, you will need it. LED Blinker Notifications Pro affects other apps indirectly. You don’t have to worry about apps being affected. This application can even affect the smartphone’s hardware. But of course, positively and beneficially for the user.

So what is LED Blinker Notifications Pro used for? It is an application that helps you distinguish notifications of different applications when not looking at the screen. It is through the color of the LED emitted every time the notification of that application appears. So how would you tell them apart? What color is entirely up to you? It is because you are the one who sets the colors for them that they can be distinguished. All of which serve the purpose of faster access to critical information. Ignore unnecessary information.

LED Blinker Notifications Pro mod

Download LED Blinker Notifications Pro mod – Distinguish notifications from apps

The first thing you need to do is add the notification applications into LED Blinker Notifications Pro. This will ensure that other applications are not more confused and confused. Next is to set them to notify with what color LED. Color palettes with lots of colors and not the same tone will be easier to distinguish. After installing so that each application corresponds to each color, that’s it. Now, as long as the notification of which application appears, the LED of the corresponding color will also be turned on. But there will be cases where your smartphone does not support LED lights. LED Blinker Notifications Pro will use the display instead. You can still tell them apart quickly.

LED Blinker Notifications Pro mod apk

Supported Apps

There are nine apps supported to add in LED Blinker Notifications Pro to create special notifications. All of them are apps that have a lot of notifications in the given time. Those are the available functions like Missed Call, SMS, Battery Notification, Calendar Reminder, Email, and Bluetooth. The rest are downloadable apps with notifications like Google Mail, Talk, and Hangouts. Messages from social networks like Skype, Twitter… Please choose your favorite color for them to distinguish the notifications. From now on, every time the LED of any color lights up, you will know which application’s notification it is. Very convenient and used in many different situations.

LED Blinker Notifications Pro mod apk free

Set each notification type

To make the distinction more precise, you should consider installing more critical factors. The detailed settings can be understood as the flash speed of the lights and the smartphone’s vibration. The characteristic sound of repetition frequency of announcements. You can tweak that at any time in the settings of LED Blinker Notifications Pro. Prioritize complex settings for the apps you use most. When that notification arrives, you know right away it’s coming from your favorite app. However, it is not always good to keep the notification constant. Turn on do not disturb mode to stop messages for a certain period. It can be used at night to avoid being disturbed.

LED Blinker Notifications Pro mod free

Convenient Widgets

Even LED Blinker Notifications Pro has a widget system to increase user convenience. It will appear in a corner on the smartphone screen. When a notification arrives, use the widget to delete it immediately. Or use it to turn off the LED to avoid affecting others. It will also display the notification content most minimally. You can read on the lock screen to instantly know what kind of notification. From there, distinguish the level of importance and decide to answer it or not. LED Blinker Notifications Pro works well on many different platforms. Android Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie, Android 10, 11, 12. All are maximum efficiency when used.

LED Blinker Notifications Pro free

Although sometimes not too important, LED Blinker Notifications Pro can still replace current smartphone notifications. It creates a distinctive and almost instantly distinguishable mark. Help users quickly discover important notifications to pick up the smartphone. With unique LED lighting modes for each application, impress your friends and everyone around. The intelligence of the LED Blinker Notifications Pro mod also comes from the reasonable usage of users. We will access information as quickly as possible without spending much time.

How to Download & Install LED Blinker Notifications Pro APK for Android

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3. Install and enjoy


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