Picture Manager MOD APK (Premium unlocked) 6.4.1

Updated 20/06/2024 (2 days ago)
NamePicture Manager APK
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MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Picture Manager

Managing the photos in the device is not difficult with the help of the Picture Manager. A tool to help you understand all the images you have stored. Turn your memory into a business-like place with a disciplined arrangement. Whenever you want, you can immediately find what you need. Use it to do whatever you think is most necessary. The considerable number of photos will now no longer be a complicated matter.

The photos always have a particular importance and are stored by us in the device. But sometimes the number of photos becomes too much and creates inconvenience for everyone. So Picture Manager was born to fix all that caused you. Create a place to store pictures with extremely tight management for the device. Simplicity also brings the highest efficiency to optimize for users. You can create a great source of information to control everything you do.

Picture Manager mod

Download Picture Manager mod – Manage and organize all the photos on your device

To start using it, you need to install and provide specific permissions to the app. The application will then synchronize all the image files in the archive. It will work as a default gallery on your device but is more advanced. Files can now be easily renamed as well as rearranged. Create folders to group these image files by theme. Just type in the search box, and you can find the photo you need. No more suffering from manually finding the images you need in a mess. Now everything has become different and easier for you.

Picture Manager mod free

Rename photo

Usually, the default gallery apps won’t let you rename your photos. But with Picture Manager, this is extremely simple and neat. The most basic is to change the name text that the file has by default after saving. Next is to concatenate the filename with a string of the same and sort by number. You can also add a counter to the filename to easily distinguish your photos. Can change the name to uppercase or lowercase without any problems. Most importantly, it can be renamed and deleted using conventional manual methods. So pictures will now work as your employees.

Picture Manager mod apk

Organization and management

Picture Manager will show you the organization that the pictures in memory need. It will do this by organizing and categorizing your photos in several ways, from sorting by date, sorting by creation time to sorting by location and photographic equipment. Location sorting is only activated when you allow location access. For example, you took a photo on vacation but didn’t know the place’s name. The picture Manager will display the necessary information about that place. So you can easily find those memories and share them. The name and location of the image are what we need to pay attention to.

Picture Manager mod apk free

Clean up

Does your collection look like a giant mess? Then let’s start cleaning to return space for memory right away. Picture Manager will provide you with a tool that can identify similar photos. When you find such images, you should choose the best one and delete the other. This will both save memory space and retain your memories. Users will no longer have to search for similar images manually. Algorithms will do precisely that for you. Saves quite a bit of time on a simple cleaning job.

Picture Manager mod android

EXIF Editor

This is a built-in editing tool in Picture Manager. It allows you to modify the original information in your image files. For example, you can easily edit the date and time of creating photos for different purposes. Corrects erroneous time zones to have a picture with the correct time. From there, get the files that keep precisely the memories you already have. When the images’ attributes have been edited, there are no errors. Suitable for users who like advanced features and understand them well. The time and place of the photo are no longer a big deal for you.

Picture Manager mod is generally a pretty good application that can meet your needs. Make your photo collection much neater and easier to manipulate.

How to Download & Install Picture Manager MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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