Touch Protector MOD APK (Donate) 4.11.0

Updated 13/02/2022 (2 years ago)
NameTouch Protector APK
PublisherTeam Obake Biz
MOD FeaturesDonate
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Touch Protector

Are you quite annoyed with your daily screen operations? Don’t worry because Touch Protector will quickly take care of this annoying problem. Protect your touch screen with lots of unique features. Help redundant processes can not affect the experience. Enjoy work entertainment to the fullest without worrying about anything. A good tip that you should consider learning and using in your life.

Realizing the minimal problems that occur when we use touch devices, Team Obake Biz has developed a solution. That is creating Touch Protector with features that eliminate the issue that appears. Helping you make better use of your device no matter what you’re doing. You may think it won’t be necessary, but when you use it, it will be effective. There is a significant difference when you watch movies, play games, or read information. It’s only possible that Touch Protector has such things.

Touch Protector mod

Download Touch Protector mod – Protect your screen optimally

Although not a very modern application, the convenience it brings is outstanding. To use this application, please start it up as usual. Then give it access to the permissions to perform the necessary operations. After the installation is completed, you have a handy tool. You can lock your screen quickly by shaking your phone. Quick screen lock with built-in volume key. Get rid of random ads that cause a lot of trouble for you. A wide range of different features to help you ensure optimal use. Do not cause minor errors under any conditions.

Touch Protector mod free

Cool setting

Touch Protector will give you a wide selection of features to be comfortable using. You can shake your phone to turn it on or off whenever you need. Shake to adjust the device’s sensitivity to suit your actions. Lock current apps and prevent switching to another page. You no longer have to worry about ads that may appear and application redirects. Turn your phone upside down to lock the screen instantly. Set the volume buttons to make them easier to unlock for you. From there, it’s easier to take a quick photo or work. Don’t miss any precious moments you need.

Touch Protector mod apk

App Lock

Many touch devices today have not updated the application lock feature. Even those operations can be too complicated to use or difficult to remember. But with Touch Protector, it’s different, and you can do this in less than a second. Lock apps like maps to focus on getting directions. Lock the camera for continuous use during activities like taking pictures without being disturbed. Enhance precision operation and avoid confusion. Now you can comfortably touch and swipe without worrying about the app crashing. Random things can’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Touch Protector mod apk free

Good security

Touch Protector can be used for many different convenient situations. For example, if you show someone a photo or lend them a device. Now you can lock the application with a password in a straightforward way. If they want to switch to another application to use, it will not be. To exit the application, will require to enter the password and use the necessary operation. It is also quite helpful when used as a navigation system for motorcycles. Avoid receiving effects when it rains that can be unintentionally caused. It will be difficult for crooks to get in once Touch Protector has been activated. Provides absolute safety for owners of touch devices.

Touch Protector mod android

Emergency Unlock

If, in any case, you cannot unlock the device, don’t worry. Force the device to restart with the power button and volume down or up. You can also tap the screen five times in a row to switch the unlock method. Make a random incoming call, and you will get out of this situation. Plug in the charger, and the device will immediately return to normal. Adjusting the volume with the button is also an excellent way to deal with the problem. If you use touch devices from Japanese firms, you can remove the sim. The phone will also reboot independently, and you won’t have to worry anymore.

In all respects, Touch Protector mod is a suitable application for anyone. It offers a safe experience with many exciting features. Optimized for everyday activities and eliminates the inconvenience that can exist at any time.

How to Download & Install Touch Protector MOD APK (Donate) for Android


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