Last-Hit Defense MOD APK 1.1.1 (Menu, Damage/Defense/No CD)

Updated on 27/01/2023 (1 hour ago)
NameLast-Hit Defense APK
PublisherXOS GameLab
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense/No CD
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

Mod work on Root Device

You need to install first the original APK then open it then install over the app the modded apk. Don’t click the login via google to avoid error. It should continue to load the game. Use original apk if you cant log in . install it first then install mod over the app.

Level up heroes and put them on monster defense towers in Last-Hit Defense. Evil monsters are coming toward you, and you must learn to defend against them. Heroes have also appeared since there are monsters and are ready to take your side. You must accompany the hero to protect against monsters and perform knockdowns. Each building will be erected for your hero to guard the progress of the demons. In this fight, you can increase your strength and number of heroes, respectively. Fight to protect yourself and your heroes against monsters with defensive towers.

Monsters appear, and they head toward you to attack most rapidly. But you have help from the heroes, and they are happy to help you overcome the challenge. So you have to have a strategy against advancing monsters; the measure is the towers. This is the place where the hero will fight with you and attack the enemy. The hero’s attacks will gradually defeat the enemy until the last episode. This will help the hero gain experience points to level up and help you build buildings. Use your abilities and build towers for heroes to fight monsters with courage.

Last Hit Defense android

Download Last-Hit Defense mod – Defend monsters with heroes

This world greets you with the overwhelming hordes of monsters constantly attacking you. When it’s unclear, what gets you into combat will be an experience, but you’ll soon understand. Those monsters that don’t like humans will come forward to attack no matter how weak or strong you are. Your appearance has awakened nature in them, and you are forced to fight. However, you will not have to face monsters alone but have heroes to help. The towers will be where heroes battle monsters and collect experience for you. Fighting is about supporting each other and so help heroes defend against monsters by upgrading them.

Last Hit Defense mod

Attacking monster

You have to participate in fighting monsters, and understanding them will help the heroes and you a lot. Their attacks are purposeful and always directed at you and the heroes. Each monster has different abilities but is very harmful to the fight. Monsters come towards you and heroes in all directions, so defense is essential. If you win a beast, don’t get excited too soon because behind is a monster boss. The demons that go first are just a way for the boss to follow, and you will quickly encounter them. Witness the cruelty of demons and accompany the hero to stop the demons from advancing.

Last Hit Defense apk

Defensive organization

The heroes know the danger of monsters and decide to help you fight. They are powerful and versatile people who function in combat as warriors or mages. You can rely on the hero’s ability against monsters to give them the appropriate weapons. The heroes on the tower create the defense system and do not hesitate to increase their strength. Heroes are the front line that helps you gauge the monster’s abilities and, from there, take command. The organization raises the hero’s strength step by step, from finishing the enemy with a knockdown—to leveling up the defense organization that combines you and the hero so that you can continuously fight monsters.

Last Hit Defense free

Defense tower

Heroes support you in to fight, and you decide to build towers. This place temporarily is where heroes guard in all directions where there is a possibility of monster ambushes. Building towers can be organized by you with gems to increase hero power. You can also strengthen the tower’s skills when a hero is inside and continue to fight. Bring your heroes into the defensive buildings you build and power them up to fight. The combination of tower and hero is the best measure against monsters. Fight monsters and increase their achievements with hero kills.

Last Hit Defense mod apk

Heroes appear to stop monsters from all directions coming towards you and attacking. You’ve got outside support, and you must also contribute to this fight. Building the battle tower will be necessary to win the match. Monsters come in from all directions, and buildings are needed to prevent that from happening. The heroes will organize the defense system according to your instructions and stop the enemy. You will support them in any way, such as upgrading the hero’s defense towers and skills. Download Last-Hit Defense mod to join the battle with the heroes on the monster defense tower.

Download Last-Hit Defense MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense/No CD) for Android

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