Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK 2.20.1 (Unlimited money)

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NameAngry Birds Transformers APK
PublisherRovio Entertainment Corporation
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Angry Birds Transformers returns to Rovio Entertainment Corporation’s long battle with pigs. This time is a whole new battle, it’s different from versions like Angry Bird 2. You will be on Piggy Island to destroy enemies and destroy this place into ashes. Things are not so simple, Angry Birds Transformers let players incarnate into versatile robots capable of fighting flexibly. The support aircraft takes you to locations on the island to perform the mission and waits for you at the ending point. Destroying a large number of enemies helps you get a lot of bonuses. Use it to upgrade characters with more power to overcome more difficult challenges.

Sound effects are associated with excitement in every part of the road you fight ahead. Run and destroy the buildings of the pigs with bullets. Unlimited attacks, you do not need to adjust the coordinates as previous versions. Choose a weak spot or TNT explosive repository, everything will shatter immediately when you attack. Receive gold coins and end the battle by flight in hostility. Angry Birds Transformers opens up a new type of attack, get used to this style of play, and then do your mission well.

Angry Birds Transformers MOD

Download Angry Birds Transformers MOD – Battle on the island of Piggy

Forget the legendary slingshot associated with the name of Angry Birds, your weapon is now equipped with Serious firepower. With strong destructive power, click on the point you want and everything will collapse. Instead of attacking the pigs directly, choose a spot that can kill them all. Your time is not much if the number of pigs destroyed is too little bonus you get may not be enough for the desire to upgrade. Trucks, cars, or airplanes are variations of the robot when dealing with difficult cases. Angry Birds Transformers MOD infinite coins and gems help you upgrade what you think is the best.

Angry Birds Transformers mod android

Mysterious quest chain

Angry Birds Transformers does not tell you everything that is about to happen in the quest sequence. The next screen will open when you have completed the previous level. At first, GameDVA thought that this was a game with endless gameplay. However, the time of each mission is quite short, the difficult point is in the positions that make the character lose their life. In addition to depending on skills, character upgrading is also an essential element. After controlling the positions on the island, you will earn gold money from the same locations.

Angry Birds Transformers mod apk

Characters and upgrades

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee are two companions in the early battles of Angry Birds Transformers. These are all powerful fighting machines but it would be great if you upgrade them. There are no specific stats, characters need time to complete the upgrade if you want faster you can use Gems to shorten waiting time. Divided into each specific level, easy game for players to follow each character. In addition, Angry Birds Transformers MOD has unlocked all the characters you can choose and customize any robot you like.

Angry Birds Transformers mod download

Angry Birds Transformers is the creation of the rest of this famous game series. Perhaps you are familiar with the slingshot, the corner game, and the star rating. In this battle, everything is exchanged for bonuses, gaining control of the island, and earning passive income from them. Download Angry Birds Transformers MOD with a new fighting mode and mission to destroy the island of wicked pigs.

Download Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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Amir hossein daryani
Amir hossein daryani
8 months ago
Rating :

It’s very nice but i cannot buy the vip pass please make a cheat code for that problem.

Like the cheat code for plants vs zombies 2

Like full shop 1 coin or mastery 9999.

Thank you very much.


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