Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense) 1.03

Updated 29/07/2022 (2 years ago)
NameAra Fell: Enhanced Edition APK
PublisherDANGEN Entertainment
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition

Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition is a very new 16-bit role-playing game from Japan. Players will become Lita, a young archer, carrying on her shoulders the responsibility of protecting the world. The Elders prophesied that Ara Fell would fall from the sky, but Lita was determined to prevent it. Of course, it would be difficult to do with just a bow and normal arrows. Therefore, Lita, or the player himself, will help the young girl develop strength. Will become more mature, tougher, and with greater strength. Besides, find more great companions for this arduous journey. Because it is understandable that if you want to go far, go together.

As an open world game, Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition always gives players the freedom to explore. You can explore that world with Lita from the moment the archer said goodbye to the village of Aloria. Control the heroine to run, play, crawl and even fly. Explore the places of Ara Fell with your character, perform quests, solve puzzles. From there, discover the source and prevent Ara Fell from falling from the sky. Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition contains the quintessence of open-world exploration and role-playing games. It will be obvious that players will be drawn into this world at any time. Play Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition to prevent disaster.

Ara Fell Enhanced Edition mod

Download Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition mod – Prevent disaster Ara Fell

Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition is a role-playing game, but with breakthrough upgrades. New characters are created with unique skills, and the fighting style is also new. Game makers also create unique missions, and upgrade systems with many stats. Lita will fight side by side with other heroes, destroying all scary enemies. Besides, each character has a story behind waiting for players to learn. Although it is a role-playing game with a lot of plot elements, the combat is no less competitive. In the face of big enemies, bosses, combat will surely take the throne. Players need to coordinate the skills of the characters to create the maximum effect.

Ara Fell Enhanced Edition apk free

Big open world

At the beginning of the game, Lita, our archer, has just woken up in a cozy house. The house alone has a lot to say, details, strange amenities. There are many beds, there are decorative window curtains, fresh potted plants and shelves full of books. When stepping out of the house, a surprisingly realistic world will appear before the player’s eyes. A lot of large green trees were created, along with extremely graceful grassy branches and flower bushes. There is a bridge across the river, above which is a fast and powerful waterfall. Next is the volcanic cave area, which is full of dangers lurking. There will be lava flows up to a thousand degrees Celsius, strange creatures that have not been named. In the large open world of Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition, there is also a cold snowy mountain area. The place is mostly covered with white snow, with pine trees and creatures of the snowy area.

Ara Fell Enhanced Edition apk

Captivating plot

The young archer Lita will be led by a handsome warrior named Adrian. The two entered a mysterious cave deep in the heart of Ara Fell’s world. In that cave was a giant gate leading to Eldrinor, a place in the world of Ara Fell. That gate was closed thousands of years ago and no one has been able to open it yet. After a while of searching, Lita helped Adrian find the secret door in this cave. Stepping through it, the two entered another world, where there were sparkling marble blocks. While still absorbed in the beauty Lita sensed something dangerous nearby. And now the first mission of the new game officially begins. The player needs to help Lita find the keys and fuel needed for Adrian to start the machine. However, things are not simple when the aggressive pangolins arrive. What happens next is for you to decide.

Ara Fell Enhanced Edition mod apk

Special character

The first character that needs to be mentioned is none other than our female archer, Lita. With a passionate and energetic heart, she is determined to prevent disaster from happening. Possessing a powerful bow, of course, Lita has the ability to deal damage from a distance. Starting with base health of 100, that stat will definitely increase later on. As for the first companion, Adrian, a strong and extremely majestic warrior. Always carrying an ax and a shield, Adrian will certainly have a good defense. Specifically, at the first level, he had 132 base health to be ready to stand on the front lines. In addition, the game has many characters waiting for players to recruit.

Ara Fell Enhanced Edition android

Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition opens a large open world both in the sky and on the ground. With a compelling storyline and engaging gameplay, it promises to be a game that resonates. Download Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition mod to call your teammates, destroy monsters and prevent Ara Fell from falling out of the sky.

How to Download & Install Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense) for Android


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