Knights & Dragons Action RPG MOD APK 1.72.0 (Menu, Unlimited money)

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NameKnights & Dragons Action RPG APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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>Currencies Increase when Spent

Knights & Dragons Action RPG ushers in a survival role-playing battle against mythical creatures. Become a knight in command at the head of an army of epic heroes. Lead them together to raze all the exaggerated creatures in ancient myths. Put on colorful armor but full of hidden powers. Bring the light of justice of each different system. The land where heroes and mythical creatures are located is divided into two main areas. One side is filled with the light of justice. The other side was shrouded in darkness and flames of hatred, gray mists.

Bring a pet and assemble a team of up to 5 different heroes to start a fight at Knights & Dragons Action RPG. After choosing a teammate like that, the equipment gems to increase strength. The player is taken to a nook in the map. Maybe in dark dungeons or a deserted forest. Directly enter the war with those creatures. From small beasts and level up to legendary ancient creatures. Everyone can live in harmony without stabbing each other. If these creatures emerge greedy to destroy the castle, the peaceful life of the people here.

Knights Dragons Action RPG mod apk

Download Knights & Dragons Action RPG mod – Epic battle between heroic warriors and cavemen

After you have stepped into the battle arena, depending on the number of heroes you bring. In turn, control each person to kill the creatures in front of them. The operation is quite simple when just continuously touching the caveman creatures. Combined with the manipulation of using swords to slash down or use shields to block the opponent’s impact. In addition to offensive combat, Knights & Dragons Action RPG also offers a kingdom-building mode for players. If you feel overwhelmed in battles, players can turn to buy new lands and build locations and castles. Strengthen equipment, pets increase strength.

Knights Dragons Action RPG androi

Army of Heroes

The diversity in the heroic army of role-playing games is no longer new for gamers. Importantly, the novelty comes from the game’s unique character designs. Knights & Dragons Action RPG offers everything from the most beginner warriors to legendary versions. The heroes of the base level only have bare armor, a blunt sword, and a simple wooden shield. More expansive are the slightly sturdier sets of iron armor. Up high, there are majestic armor sets that emit smoke of power. The armor is modeled after the fur of unicorns with sharp claws and weapons.

Knights Dragons Action RPG mod

Epic creature

The cave creatures in Knights & Dragons Action RPG have many different levels. They have unique and unique identifying features. At the beginning, you can only see rats wearing red scarves and holding a wooden mace in their hand. After killing it is the launch of the giant mouse behind with much more power. Or the octopus witch riding on the back of a blue three-headed wolf. An ancient bear with a shogun’s armor, holding a sword covered in flaming fire. Red mutant lions, green eyes exuding a cold tone. The blue elephant-hybrid unicorn is with two long tusks and a versatile trunk that wraps around the player.

Knights Dragons Action RPG apk free

Companion pet

Coming to the battle of Knights & Dragons Action RPG is not only with the help of teammates. There is also the indispensable presence of powerful pets. They exude sparkling lights that exude unfathomable power. Bringing these pets increases combat power or has the function of recovering a certain amount of health. Earn lots of money and items like gems and rare elements. Upgrade the pets with the increase in the player’s strength. Purple dragon with four horns on its head. The orange-yellow fox belongs to the flaming fire system. Add armor to the pets after they are mature and healthy.

Knights Dragons Action RPG apk

After holding a lot of money and clusters of turquoise. Use them to buy and expand your lands. There are many things players can buy to decorate this kingdom. The pools yield 600 gold bars per hour for only 100 gold bars. Or the iron furnaces that burn all year round. Upgrade these decorations, so they produce more gold bars per hour. Follow the instructions of experienced soldiers to make the game more accessible. Download Knights & Dragons Action RPG mod to build and defend your kingdom from cavemen.

Download Knights & Dragons Action RPG MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) for Android

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