Stone Breaker MOD APK (Menu/Damage Multiplier) 1.0.251

Updated 01/02/2024 (1 month ago)
NameStone Breaker APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage Multiplier
SupportAndroid 8.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Stone Breaker

An exciting puzzle game in a brand new unique style called Stone Breaker. Still fight monsters but in a much more excellent way. Entering the world of the game Stone Breaker, players will become the ultimate leader. Step by step, build up your powerful army and confront the evil enemies. The game’s setting is taken in a fantasy world with many wonders. At Stone Breaker exist seven vast kingdoms with vibrant resources. Each domain will bring a distinct beauty along with a different energy field. In this place, the most precious thing is the brilliant pearls sparkling with many colors. And it is that same thing that puts the safety of the seven kingdoms in jeopardy by the greedy.

Monsters from the deepest and darkest places have risen to the surface. They have a terrible appearance and large size. Those monsters appeared with only one goal to conquer the world of Stone Breaker. Those colored gems carry within themselves a very magical power. So it’s time to put on the brightest and strongest armor. Fight for the safety of all humanity, and fight and protect your homeland. Don’t wait any longer; start today, bravest warriors.

Stone Breaker mod

Download Stone Breaker mod – Puzzle and fight.

Sharp graphics of the game Stone Breaker will bring the best experience to players. The monsters have a prominent appearance that is carefully cared for, creating a feeling of realism. This is an entirely magical world beyond the player’s imagination. Extremely attractive and always brings surprises on the journey that the players go. The gameplay is simple and uncomplicated, suitable for all audiences. There are no overly complicated operations that require players to learn. With just simple operations with your fingers, you can experience Stone Breaker. A game is suitable for those who need entertainment but do not have much time. The peaceful life of this place’s entire population is in the player’s hands. Build the most powerful army and get ready to take on the challenge!

Stone Breaker mod android

Create a squad of warriors.

Stone Breaker game offers more than 70 potent warriors for players to collect. With a maximum of 5 members in your warrior party. Players should choose the best factors to enroll as their warriors. Make sure your warriors have all five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth to have the most balanced formation. Each warrior will carry a different fighting power, and so will the enemy. To find out carefully who is suitable for the desired player lineup. Then create a strategy that is a harmonious combination of attack and defense. Thus, the players will not have to fear enemies, no matter how terrible. Use the experience and rewards received after the match to power up the party.

Stone Breaker mod android free

Match gems of the same color

With how to play not too complicated, the game Stone Breaker was born for everyone. There are not too many complex operations or combat skills to memorize. Move the jewels on the screen, and the warrior will automatically fight. The players only need to combine three gems of the same color, and the warrior corresponding to the gem element will launch an attack. Players want to know which character is in the battle team to find the corresponding color jewel. Move the gems, and match 3 of the same until the end of the intense match. It’s straightforward. But there are some issues to pay attention to. Each level will limit the number of moves, so carefully calculate each step.

Stone Breaker mod apk free

Explore the seven magical kingdoms.

In addition to the moments of intense fighting with the enemy, the players are also adventurous in exploring. Because the world in Stone Breaker is enormous and vast, so the adventure of the players will be highly epic when they come to the kingdoms in turn. There will be a kingdom filled with the green color of plants and flowers, a realm of music with musical melodies, a domain with vast seas full of fish, and an ancient kingdom with large castles. Players will be able to bring their warriors to each land. Defeat the boss occupying that place to return to a peaceful life. Each kingdom has a certain number of levels the player must solve to pass. Complete all to unlock new homes for your journey.

Stone Breaker mod apk

Download Stone Breaker mod joins an entirely new style of fighting puzzle game by matching colored jewels.

How to Download & Install Stone Breaker MOD APK (Menu/Damage Multiplier) for Android


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