KingsRoad MOD APK (Hight Attack Speed/Attack Range/Move x3) 7.9.1

Updated 08/01/2022 (2 years ago)
NameKingsRoad APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesHight Attack Speed/Attack Range/Move x3
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
KingsRoad MOD APK detail?
  1. Unlocked Auto Play Mode
  2. High Attack Speed ==> Enable show Damage Number in Setting to Active it
  3. Attack Range ==> Enable Music in Setting to Active it
  4. Move speed x3 ==> Enable Sound in Setting to Active it

Introduce MOD APK KingsRoad

Your destiny will be changed by actions taken now and in the future. You can create a new fortune by entering the world of KingsRoad. Become a warrior with a fighting ability that surpasses that of ordinary people. Use that power to fight any evil forces that threaten the balance. Become a mighty king leading your kingdom to growth.

Action role-playing is a game genre that strongly appeals to all types of players. KingsRoad is an option worthy of what you desire. From beautiful 3D graphics, the plot to the sound is exceptionally vivid. Bring anyone to the medieval fantasy world with magic and power. Create a new future by yourself by thinking and fighting skills. Your battle will begin now, be prepared for any eventuality.

KingsRoad mod

Download KingsRoad mod – Defeat all enemies from the dark

You will start your journey by choosing one of the given character classes. Next is to find NPCs to receive tasks to do. These missions will include killing enemies, collecting items or buying and selling items. When completed, you will receive bonuses and experience from levelling up. The higher the level, the more basic stats are enhanced, and new skills are unlocked. Later missions will become even more difficult for you. Enemies will also get stronger and stronger, and you need to have enough appropriate elements to defeat them. There are many unique ways to build your character.

Your character will have an energy bar and an HP bar to use in battle. If the skill is used, it means losing some of the mana. When an enemy deals damage, the character’s HP is reduced and can cause death. It is necessary to fight intelligently to not fall into a disadvantageous position.

KingsRoad mod free

Unique characters

KingsRoad will give you three different character classes corresponding to their abilities. The first is a noble knight with strong sword-wielding and stamina. Next is the gunner with skills in using bows and crossbows skillfully, quickly attacking enemies at long distances. If you do not like the above two characters, you can use witches. This is a character with terrible magic power with diverse moves. Each character will have five different skills, including passive and active. You can use these to destroy targets quickly. Discover the power of the character class of your choice in higher levels.

KingsRoad mod apk

Various equipment

Equipment is what heroes need to strengthen them. Each character class will require a corresponding type of equipment to use. If it’s different from the character class, it won’t be able to be used in any way. These are also tiered according to the rarity it has acquired. The lowest is white, blue, and rarer things like purple and orange. Rare items cannot be found commonly but through special operations. Spinning bonuses or killing bosses is the way to get what you need. A character will have more than ten different types of equipment to create a complete suit.

KingsRoad mod apk free


For a role-playing game like KingsRoad, not having this game mode is a significant shortcoming. This mode allows you and other players to join the clone together. Work together to destroy armies of monsters to escape the deadly dungeon. Defeat giant bosses to receive thousands of attractive rewards. In this mode, players can improve their fighting skills and have a lot of fun. Helps you build strength quickly throughout the day. You can also challenge other players to duels. Self-assess your ability level.

KingsRoad mod android

Join the alliance

A kingdom cannot sustainably survive without a powerful alliance. You will get many different benefits when you join or create an association. The first is that valuable daily rewards can be received quickly. Special alliance missions also bring a lot of experience and resources. You can participate in battles between alliances to improve your position on the leaderboard. Not only that, you can quickly get acquainted with other players. Support each other to grow together and become more substantial later. Don’t hesitate anymore. Let KingsRoad mod lead you to the future.

How to Download & Install KingsRoad MOD APK (Hight Attack Speed/Attack Range/Move x3) for Android


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