RPG Miden Tower MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) 1.1.3g

Updated 04/02/2023 (1 year ago)
NameRPG Miden Tower APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK RPG Miden Tower

Role-playing game genres have never been hot in the gaming community. RPG Miden Tower makes players feel familiar because it is also an action role-playing game. The difference is that the plot is thrilling and attracts players. Still playing the role of a heroic warrior with full strength. Go fight cruel monsters accompanied by a team of talented warriors. Your character is the main character, who commands the battle and guides his partner to fight. The leader has to be strong and confident to lead his team to victory. Use magic and forged skills to fight.

The plot is set in the ancient Miden tower invaded by the Alroval empire. They come and break the peaceful atmosphere that has reigned here over the years. The monsters caused countless tragic events to the people living under this tower. Realizing things could not progress this way, you decided to stand up with your teammates. Face off against the demons to reclaim the tower and avenge the wrongs they’ve done. At the beginning, there are conversations that take place between the characters in the game. They are shown in white text below the gray dialog box area below.

RPG Miden Tower apk

Download RPG Miden Tower mod – Use magic with teammates against the team of monsters Alroval

The two corners on either side of the screen are two virtual keys that support character control in these common tasks. The left side has a snowflake shape, the player slides his hand to let the hero move. If there is no conflict with the enemy, the player can move around the tower. Look for rewards or enemy teams hiding here. When entering the fight with the enemy, skills are lined up on either side. On the left are operations related operations: speed, auto or skip buttons. The skills on the right are the main combat operations of the player. Your battle with the enemy takes place in turn, the two sides take turns attacking each other.

RPG Miden Tower android

Battle wall

The special thing that RPG Miden Tower brings is the main character of the game. It is a female wall, which plays the role of supporting the player. This wall is built by rectangular bricks of light yellow color. Has limbs, a face, and can speak like an average human. Large round yellow eyes with prominent purple eyebrows and eyelashes. This wall supports the player when dealing with enemies in the tower. Can act as a merge with the player or become a windbreak if needed. As long as it can support, the wall always sacrifices itself to help mercilessly save the player.

RPG Miden Tower mod

Multiple terrains

The levels are played in many different areas to challenge the hero’s abilities. A portal of light connects these areas. It appears as a blue vortex lying on the ground. As long as the player enters this place, he can proceed to another area near this place. It could be a dense forest with big old, old trees. Or to a magical land covered with dim blue light, with clusters of sharp gems. Or the most familiar is inside the ancient tower built a long time. This place is divided into many areas, the room is large, and the path is as crooked as a miniature maze.

RPG Miden Tower mod apk

Character skills

The character’s skill system is always refreshed and updated regularly. To fight with a large army of monsters, players need strong skills. System  skills are divided into many different energy factions. Each energy source carries light corresponding to each type. In addition, upgrading the player’s weapons or leveling up the character. This also gives the player a significant boost in strength. Each impact the player makes on monsters will cause them to lose more health. This also shortens the time to kill them and increases the character’s healing time.

RPG Miden Tower apk free

Besides small animals like mutant scissors, flickering flames or small animals. Notable and most difficult are the boss bosses behind them. They have a large appearance with huge power to attack you. But in return, the reward for killing these guys is many times higher than the rest. Especially if you kill them, you can unlock and explore the next level. Download RPG Miden Tower mod, and fight 3×3 in turn with your teammates to kill the Alroval monsters invading the tower.

How to Download & Install RPG Miden Tower MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) for Android


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