KING`s RAID MOD APK (Menu, God Mode/Attack Multiplier) 5.10.0

Updated 01/03/2023 (1 year ago)
PublisherVespa Inc
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God Mode/Attack Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Adventure in the world of mighty dragons and defeat them in the game KING`s RAID. You will become the owner of a talented team of heroes and join the dragon world war. This place spawns many sacred dragons and is the best place for strength training. So the heroes entered this world and decided to fight to improve themselves. You have been fortunate to meet heroes and will be with them through the battles. This war is between the hero party, the mighty dragon, and other opponents. Build a team of heroes and become strong together to fight in the dragon world.

Different powerful heroes of the world are always looking for the battlefield to fight. They found a land where powerful dragons were born and decided to enter. And they discovered that many heroes like them were battling the sacred dragon. So the heroes’ struggle becomes more diverse as they find new opponents. You have the luck of teaming up with heroes and will also participate in the battle. Sacred dragon conquests interspersed with heroic contests will follow. Compete with your heroes against teams of rival heroes.

KINGs RAID android

Download KING`s RAID mod – Win raid heroic wars

The world of dragons has become a place where heroes conduct raids. They started the war with dragons solely to show off their fighting prowess. Heroes are the best that come from humans, and that’s always something for them to be proud of. So the wars with the world’s dragons will take place quickly with outstanding strength. However, that is when the heroes in the party have enough power to challenge the levels. You only have the opportunity to accompany them from the beginning and must grow after the battle. Collect heroes to join them in raiding and fighting giant dragons.


Raid heroes

The raid has begun, and you must take this chance to fight the dragons. So you need to find the heroes of the world and collect them for the battle party. This will be where you choose strong people to create a select group of heroes. They will join you to use the skills to step by step conquer the battles with dragons. You have formed a team of raid heroes and can help them combine combat. Having the heroes on your team fight effectively will help you win the raid. Choose powerful heroes for your party and join them to raid the dragon world.


Raid mode

Your team of heroes was created to attack the dragon world with raids. The battles with these giant animals will help you complete the battle hero squad. However, you do not have to join the raiding party to fight the big dragons. The world of dragons is also a place where many other heroes choose to practice combat. So your team of heroes will meet opponents with other talented heroes. And this is when you fight to show the strength of your team of raid heroes. Explore the raid mode and challenge the group of heroes of all opponents.

KINGs RAID mod apk

Raid equipment

You must make raids into the world of powerful giant dragons. And your raiding party will face off against your opponent’s heroes in the world of dragons. So it would be best to find the equipment to prepare your hero before the raids. Your team of heroes with complete weapons will have more intense fighting power. And after successful waves of winning powerful dragons, they can gain upgrades. The skill points will then help your raiding heroes to perfect their strength. Fight against rival squads with powerful raid gear to win.


Your adventure and the hero’s journey into the mighty dragon world have begun. This is the right place for strong people to show and challenge their strength. However, the opponent is a giant dragon, and the heroes must form a party. And you can lead your party in raids before the sacred dragon. But the war against the dragons is only part of the world for heroes. You and your team of heroes will soon face your opponents in raid mode. Download KING`s RAID mod to get your raiding party ready to fight for power.

How to Download & Install KING`s RAID MOD APK (Menu, God Mode/Attack Multiplier) for Android


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