Kingdomtopia MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.1

Updated 13/05/2021 (3 years ago)
NameKingdomtopia APK
PublisherJoyseed Gametribe
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Kingdomtopia

Each kingdom will need a king to lead and guide them on their way. Talented and virtuous kings will always be supported and praised by the people. Bringing your kingdom to development with brilliant achievements and shine. To be a good king, you need people who are worthy and have all the qualities of a leader. If you have always dreamed of one day leading your own kingdom, do not miss the opportunity. Kingdomtopia will help you fulfill your dream of becoming a king. Scary Teacher, Hungry Shark Heroes is for anyone who likes a little faster-paced gameplay.

Against the background in a kingdom of animals also coexisted in harmony. Their king passed away fighting an unknown enemy. The kingdom had lost its ruler and was slowly falling apart. You are the one who will guide your subjects. With an asset management style that is very popular and attractive in the market. 3D graphics are a bit classic but very unique and engaging to play. You can experience Kingdomtopia to be able to relieve your stress after tiring working hours. For those who enjoy a casual game for all ages. Passionate about managing and trading large-value assets.

Kingdomtopia mod apk

Download Kingdomtopia mod – Become a wise king

Entering the world of Kingdomtopia you will become a successor of the late king. When this king died, the country was slowly dying and in need of leadership. You will be the one who will lead them to restore to the way they were before and develop more. Your main task will be to manage and rebuild this kingdom. No need for complicated operations like other simulation games. You just need to interact by touching the screen to manage your kingdom. Build big buildings and create lots of wealth from trading. You will bring back many necessary resources for your kingdom. Build it more spacious and rich and beautiful.

Kingdomtopia mod download

Variety of animals

Take control of the adorable animal subjects in Kingdomtopia. These subjects are always loyal and obey your words. With all kinds of animals such as deer, crocodile, bear,… Please arrange all of them to do the necessary work to be able to bring profit to the kingdom. They can do heavy-duty jobs like construction to management jobs. Managing these adorable and hard-working animals will give you a sense of comfort. Constantly making his kingdom restore its glory. Make this animal kingdom a rich and beautiful place, peaceful coexistence among these animals.

Kingdomtopia mod free

Make a lot of profit

It is not just managing your subjects that can make money for your kingdom. In Kingdomtopia you can also invest in neighboring districts to earn interest. This business and investment will help you to have more capital from all over the world. Trade and trade things of value and need for the marketplace. Doing business with major partners to sign purchase and investment agreements. Do all the business to bring benefits to the kingdom. From there, there is enough money for you to build bigger and more spacious works for the kingdom. Create jobs for your subjects so they can have a stable and happy life.

Kingdomtopia mod android

Make money all the time

Making your money in Kingdomtopia will be continuous and never stop. Even if you leave strong, you can make money steadily and continuously. Hire the mayor so that he can collect taxes from the people while you’re away. When entering the game you can get that money back and continue to invest. You will show the world that an idle king can also manage his kingdom. You don’t have to play much to get rich. Just playing enough you can make your kingdom grow. Your fund will also get rich day by day because Kingdomtopia is a place where you can make money.

Kingdomtopia mod apk free

Live the royal life

Since you are a king, your life in Kingdomtopia will be very happy. You can try the finest foods prepared for you by the chefs themselves. Organize big and luxurious parties so you can meet interesting characters from all over. Exchange with your people to increase your closeness and popularity. Send mayors to collect taxes for you while you do other things to increase your wealth. Download the Kingdomtopia mod to lead your animal’s kingdom to the most developed. Become the most talented and wealthy idle king. Scare the enemies who want to conquer.

How to Download & Install Kingdomtopia MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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