Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK 5.30.1 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 10/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameScary Teacher 3D APK
PublisherZ & K Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Scary Teacher 3D with an interesting story about a bad high school teacher released by Z&K Games. For students, Miss T is an obsession with scary punishments. But unfortunately for her when there was still a stubborn student like the main character. The story of unfinished crying starts from there, you appear to seek to scare at her house. Scary Teacher 3D to familiarize you with this fascinating game. Now is the chance to get revenge for what she has done in the past. There are many tasks that make you feel nervous to complete them, be careful not to let her find out. Surely you don’t want to be abused by her anymore?

In all activities of Miss T, you can destroy as you like. Making her have to find the cause of the problems you caused is what makes the player gloating. But with Miss T’s intelligence, are you sure you won’t get caught. Although with a fat body, it is not easy to escape when she discovers you.

Scary Teacher 3D mod

Download Scary Teacher 3D – Revenge for your bad teacher

With support from the Camera in the left corner of the screen, players can track Miss T to handle before any situation. But first, you must gradually get used to the 15-room layout in the house. It is difficult to perform tasks when you do not understand, so at first, do not play too quickly. Choose an avatar for either Nick or Tani and start the first scares. Scary Teacher 3D has quite a few game modes for you to experience. Now find out what it is right below.

Scary Teacher 3D mod android

Teaser Mode

Quickly torture Miss T in the room, using eggs, birthday cakes, bread or anything else that can be bought and thrown at her. You will not be able to control when she sees her gloating attitude, return the most horrific punishment her student has suffered. Nobody else, you are the representative to do it.

Career Mode

The game screen is actually more interesting in this game mode. Many tasks to perform such as Troubled Waters, Surprise Trap, Trouble in a bowl, The TV Villian … In each Chapter, Scary Teacher 3D will ask for details you need to do. Of course, the reward you get here is also more valuable than Teaser Mode.


For players who reach level 2. I will not introduce this mode, please try to qualify to unlock it. Surely, this is the funniest mode for the main character. However, that is not necessarily true for Miss T. Please use the Scary Teacher 3D MOD to buy free items and unlimited energy.

Instant Win

Free bonus spins by watching ads to receive items. But I don’t think this is a necessary feature when using the MOD version. Come up with ideas to torture Miss T even more, that’s what you need to do.

Scary Teacher 3D mod download


Where you can buy energy, hammers, cutters, etc. With unlimited money, you can buy everything here to make your teacher know what suffering is. There are enough tools to serve you to perform the task more perfectly. The outcome of Miss T will be like through tortures without end. Are you curious?

Daily Rewards

Every day you enter the game you will receive the rewarding nature of attendance. It is not as annoying as the ad view, just clicking on the item screen will be yours.

Features Scary Teacher 3D MOD

  • Unlimited money, stars.

You can purchase in-game items that have your own money available right after installation. Unlimited use of hints with existing stars. Let your teacher pay the price for what happened badly to the students. Be careful not to get caught, I’m not sure you were intact when you were caught in her house.

Scary Teacher 3D mod apk

Scary Teacher 3D is a game with a real story happening at school. Not all teachers are good people and people like Miss T pay the price for what they did to the students. Download Scary Teacher 3D MOD, please act with the warmth of the student who has been tormented by her.

Download Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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1 year ago
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Very easy levels

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hissa abdulla almuhannadi
hissa abdulla almuhannadi
2 years ago

ummm i love that game but looks like scary

2 years ago

Mujhe mujhe chapter 2 chahie

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