The Walking Zombie: Dead City MOD APK 2.64 (Menu/God mode/Unlimited money, ammo)

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NameThe Walking Zombie: Dead City APK
PublisherAlda Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Unlimited money, ammo
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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The apocalyptic setting is something no one wants to happen in any way. At that time, people were transformed into scary zombies and frantically slaughtered each other. Bringing a scene of desolation and death to all humankind in the world. The Walking Zombie: Dead City will most clearly describe what will happen next. The remaining humans will strive to survive with all their abilities. Fight and slaughter zombies to prevent them from getting infected.

The topic of zombies has always been exploited a lot by modern game makers. Inspired by the fascinating and classic zombie movies, The Walking Zombie: Dead City was born. This is an action shooting game that is always loved by everyone. More special is the graphics with shapes for the characters in the form of blocks. It gives players a familiar feeling, almost like playing Minecraft.

The Walking Zombie Dead City mod free

Download The Walking Zombie: Dead City mod – Survive in the zombie apocalypse.

Action games will require players to have certain skills. First, you will have to familiarize yourself with the basic operations in combat. The Walking Zombie: Dead City will not force you to move around the map but instead standstill. You will be more passive but, in return, will not have to spend much time. The zombies will automatically move towards you in a few different directions. Just pull the mind to the target and shoot to defeat them. Must pay close attention to everything around to avoid getting too close and suddenly leading to passive. When the last zombie is destroyed, that’s when you win.

There is a little trick for you to kill the zombies as quickly as possible easily. That is to aim at their heads and shoot properly. This may be difficult with other games, but The Walking Zombie: Dead City is straightforward. Because the character is created in blocks, the head will be enormous and damage.

The Walking Zombie Dead City mod download

Various types of zombies

When people are infected, they will change in many different ways. This will spawn zombies with special shapes. These typical forms include spider zombies, butcher zombies, dog zombies, prisoners, etc. Each has a peculiar attack characteristic that you should watch out for. It can jump high, run at high speed, crawl on the ground or even attack from a distance. If you don’t need to be careful, you will most likely be overwhelmed by them and gain an advantage. It is important to destroy these species first to avoid potential hazards actively. This is going to be a very tough and long fight, so be prepared.

The Walking Zombie Dead City mod apk free

Giant monster

There will be zombies that are transformed excessively and become superior to their own kind. They became stronger in both their size and their characteristics. Those are the bosses that will appear on important tasks assigned. They usually govern a certain area and master the zombies. You will have to go there and wait for them to appear and destroy once and for all. A giant earthworm, hellhound, or blood-sucking demon bat is waiting for you to come and conquer. It would be best if you looked closely to guess how it approaches and attacks you. Control it in time to avoid endangering yourself.,

The Walking Zombie Dead City mod apk

Large arsenal

Dance is important to protect yourself against the attacks of those monsters. So choosing a suitable weapon is extremely important for you. Weapon selection is diverse, with many different types of guns in stock. From sniper rifles, submachine guns, rifles to pistols, all can be used. Each weapon also needs you to get used to understanding better how it works and comes into play. To own a new weapon, you will have to accumulate enough money. Their prices are also not too high, so work hard, and you will get what you want. Don’t forget the melee weapons, and it also helps you a lot.

The Walking Zombie Dead City mod android

Too many new places

Not only one land, but the whole world has been engulfed in disaster. People everywhere are infected and turned into disgusting things. To get what you rent, you will definitely have to move. Go to places like forests, caves, in the city to start your hunt. Each place is arranged with different paths of monsters. Later on, it will be more difficult to survive as well as to win. The Walking Zombie: Dead City mod will require you always to improve your skills.

Download The Walking Zombie: Dead City MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Unlimited money, ammo) for Android

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