Dice Quest MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 1.2.1

Updated 29/12/2023 (4 months ago)
NameDice Quest APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Dice Quest MOD APK detail?

+Damage Multiplier
+Defense Multiplier
+Attack Speed Multiplier
+God Mode
+Faster Move Speed
+Always Critical Hit
+Attack From Far
+Unlimited Skill
+Dumb Enemy

Introduce MOD APK Dice Quest

Dice Quest MOD APK challenges your fighting talent when accompanying the dice hero. You will begin challenging journeys of exploration and combat in the new world. And the character accompanying you on those journeys is a king with a special shape. A dice king named Dian can lead his army into battle. So, with your call, there will be many brave soldiers who will advance with you. However, many challenges are ahead, and you must overcome them to prove your leadership talent. Get ready for legendary adventures when transforming into the king of dice.

Your mission as a powerful king is to lead your soldiers into battle. And the world you enter is the land that gives birth to creatures with dice faces. You will also see small dots on the face of the king you control. So, in addition to the challenges, you will also feel the joy of fighting. But if you take the goal of victory seriously, you need to collect a lot of soldiers and upgrade them. Then, rush forward to confront the monsters and destroy them with strength. Start your fighting journey and experience exciting stories in the new world.

Dice Quest mod

Download Dice Quest MOD APK – Experience and conquer battles in the dice world

You will be tasked with fighting alongside a king capable of fighting with powerful weapons. Even though he appears in an unusual form, his strength is still very significant. So, you will experience exciting but equally attractive battles. They will appear in different stages so you can gradually explore the world. But to conquer all the challenges, you and the king still need help from the soldiers. Those are the warriors that you collect when fighting at difficult levels. Lead the dice king and fight with your army bravely against monsters.

Dice Quest apk

Strong heroes

The person you will control in battles is a dice king. With his supreme position, he can recruit many warriors with powerful abilities. And when you accompany the king to fight, you will see they are colourful warriors. Each person has adorable features but does not lack a fighting spirit. So, during your exploration journeys, you can interact to learn more about the heroes. That way, you can create battle stories in the new world. Accompany a powerful team with fantasy heroes in Dice Quest MOD APK.

Dice Quest mod apk

Fight against monster enemies

You and your dice king will lead an army of talented warriors into battle. Then, adventures will open for you to participate in and discover stories. However, dangers will constantly appear, and you must overcome enemies to continue. And the most cruel opponents you need to overcome are the boss monsters in the levels. They can create devastating attacks and destroy you in an instant. So it would be best if you created a top-notch squad to attack and defeat them. Fight against monster enemies and destroy them all with your team of heroes.

Dice Quest free

Get winning rewards

At each level, you will encounter combat missions with different dangerous elements. In addition, new challenges will also appear to test your fighting talents. And when you destroy the monster, a gate will open for you to enter and continue your journey. But before fighting, receive the rewards for completing the mission. Those are items that help you develop heroes and upgrade their power quickly. So you can continuously level up your fighting ability when facing monster enemies. Use the rewards to level your power and team up with heroes led by the dice king.

Dice Quest android

You will experience exciting fighting journeys when accompanying a king. He has the face of a dice, as do the warriors in this world. So, while fighting and accompanying them, you will participate in interesting stories. Many challenges are waiting for you and your team to fight through. However, these are all dangerous battles; you must upgrade your fighting abilities. Collecting more warriors and using rewards can level up your hero. Download Dice Quest MOD APK to conquer exciting combat missions in the dice world.

How to Download & Install Dice Quest MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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