Cat Room MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) 3.0.15

Updated 09/08/2023 (8 months ago)
NameCat Room APK
PublisherCross Field Inc.
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Cat Room MOD APK detail?

How to Use:
1. Select the power ups before you start the stage
2. Complete the stage
3. Profit

Introduce MOD APK Cat Room

Cat Room is a life simulation game with cute cats with big round eyes. Currently, young people are tending to have pets instead of choosing love or marriage. Cute cats are the first choice for companionship and confiding. But not everyone has the conditions and time to raise and take care of a real cat in daily life. Therefore, cat lovers can choose Cat Room as a paradise that meets all needs. Just looking at the name, players can already see the theme of the game. This place allows you to design a paradise of your own and the emperors.

Even if you don’t like cats or are allergic to cats, Cat Room will make players change their minds. Because here, players can expand their understanding to different cat breeds. For example, Scottish fold, Munchkin, American shorthair himalayan, ragdoll, Russian blue…Each cat has a different appearance and size. But they all bring lovely moments just like the royalty out there. At the beginning, the player will gradually raise one to two cats in a room that is simulated like a real room. In a house there are also different rooms and a garden.

Cat Room android

Download Cat Room mod – Paradise of cute cats under your care

The player feeds, drinks, and takes care of his emperor like real cats. Cat Room also opens a mode called Cat Paradise. This place is the space for the interaction between the lotus, who is you, and those arrogant emperors. The emotions, pampering or care, and care are expressed in this mode. Touch your favorite cats. They create cute expressions and movements such as wagging their tails or curling their bodies. Also, connect with friends to visit neighbors’ rooms. Go to the neighbor’s room to share cute moments of cats with each other.

Cat Room apk free

Cat Care

Be a faithful lotus. Every day on time to feed the emperor, change the water, and clean the shit for them. Players raise these cats from small to large. They need to be bathed regularly and have fun. There is a room called Baby room dedicated to taking care of kittens. If you feel like you can take care of more kittens at the same time, you can buy them. Favorites spawned when the cats are happy will translate into experience for you. Give the kittens baths with mini golden ducks. The sleeping area is clean, and the mattress is soft. Cleaning care on time.

Cat Room apk

Decorate the room

The house is arranged with many rooms, and if given the opportunity, the player can also unlock the garden. Every morning take your cats outside to sunbathe. Collect lots of coins to buy decorations and toys for your beloved cats. Colorful shelves with cat figurines or teddy bears. Cat’s play area such as wool balls, stairs, and multi-colored slides. Plush rugs for your cats to scratch and polish. The bowl for the cat to eat and drink also has a cat’s paw symbol. Everything in the room has traces of you being a true cat fanatic.

Cat Room mod apk

Puzzle game

Take your cute cats to bed or sunbathe. In your spare time, Cat Room also creates a puzzle game for you to kill time and earn more money to buy food for your cats. Take on the challenge in the familiar three-piece puzzle game. After passing the color puzzle game screen, you will harvest the items in the farm. Along with that is to receive delicious pate recipes for your cats. In addition to pate, there are delicious dishes such as apple pie and strawberry cake;… Nuts attract cats and help them grow up quickly. There are secret wooden crates containing unexpected rewards like kittens.

Cat Room mod

Cozy pink room with beautiful cats. Gray luxury longhair British cats. Cute tricolor cat with white, black, and brown colors. Personalize your cat owners by changing their coat color or shape. Work hard to earn as many coins as possible so your emperor can get the best deals. When those big, sparkling eyes look at you, you also have to relent. Vow to become a slave for the emperor to freely command. Buy lots of toys, nail polish, bed, and a sand pit for the emperor. Your love for these four-legged animals will increase day by day. Download Cat Room mod, your paradise, and cute cat emperors.

How to Download & Install Cat Room MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) for Android


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