Jumanji: Epic Run MOD APK (Unlimited money, berries) 1.9.8

Updated 15/02/2024 (3 months ago)
NameJumanji: Epic Run APK
PublisherCrazy Labs by TabTale
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, berries
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Jumanji: Epic Run

Do you love adventurous adventures in the jungle? A place only for archeologists and talented explorers. Deadly traps in ancient ruins created by ancient people to avoid intruders. Along with that are extremely valuable treasures hidden. But those trips are hard to do with the current circumstances? Come to Jumanji: Epic Run to start realizing your adventure dream right away.

Jumanji’s Adventures of Adventures is now available on phones. A game style dodging obstacles on the run. Built according to the wild jungle places true to the adventure. The mountain scenery along the way is made in great detail. A game that makes many fans of Jumanji movies standstill. With long runs and precious treasures, you will be overwhelmed. Can be played anytime, anywhere on your dear touch mobile device. Explore the deep forests with deadly traps and villains waiting for you. Instantly explore mysterious and unspoiled lands on your phone.

Jumanji Epic Run mod download

Download Jumanji: Epic Run mod – Chasing the hateful treasure thief

The treasure that was lying dormant was discovered by the expedition along with its efforts. But inadvertently the golden diamond was taken away by the cunning thief. Do not hesitate any longer, but chase him immediately to regain that treasure. Bring the treasure back to the place where it was taken. Choose your character and start the thrilling chase. Move the character by swiping left, right, top and bottom. Dodge the obstacles on the way that you run. Do not let yourself be touched or you will have to stop the game. Make the most of your playing skills and acumen on the difficult turns and terrain around where you run.

Jumanji Epic Run mod apk

Notable characters

There will be a lot of Jumanji characters appearing in Jumanji: Epic Run. If you love any character on the screen, then own them in the game. Each character will have an interesting trait of their own. Their visuals have a humorous style just like in the movies. Their running posture while playing is also extremely unique and different. These people all have a core role to play in building this interesting story. Those who were sucked in by the Jumanji game from old age suddenly became healthy people who could run dozens of kilometers. Confront dangerous beasts that want to crush them and break the evil plot.

Jumanji Epic Run mod android

Support tools

On your run, there will be scattered gold bars on the road due to careless thieves. Collect these gold bars to have enough money to spend on many things. There will be powerful tools to help you collect these things like giant magnets. It can suck everything around, just your run in a straight line without doing anything. Cars will help you crush everything around when moving on this road. Boomerang will be an effective tool to fly away those who are in your way. Make them unable to stand up again. Discover interesting things on the way to chase robbers with cool items.

Jumanji Epic Run mod apk free

New maps

You will be traveling to many desolate places on the ends of the Earth. Many interesting places are waiting for you to visit. From dangerous mountains to arid deserts full of sand and sand. Each place will have a different type of running terrain. These terrains will change with each part of the track. Suppose if you are running on a flat road, you will have to slide on large waterfalls. Climb the towering cliffs with huge rocks rolling down waiting to crush you. You must be very careful to avoid these hazards. They are the main cause that will cause you to stop playing and not be able to get great rewards.

Jumanji Epic Run mod free

Run away from danger

The pursuers behind you are large herds of beasts or rock monsters. You have to run fast and don’t make a single mistake or they will crush you. Your pursuers will be varied through the game screen. At each level you will chase or be chased by dangerous things like in the movie. Join the movie Jumanji where you are the main character. Transform into the characters in the movie and run away from the challenges of Jumanji. Download Jumanji: Epic Run to discover interesting things on the running road. Reclaim the precious diamond that was stolen by the insidious thief and return it.

How to Download & Install Jumanji: Epic Run MOD APK (Unlimited money, berries) for Android


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