Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game MOD APK (God mode) 1.8.39

Updated 16/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameJelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game

In a hot summer like this, fruit jellies are really a lifesaver. But can you believe it, in addition to eating them, you can also play with jelly? Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game is a game about multi-shaped jelly. Slippery jellies slithered across the runway. Help them change shape to avoid obstacles. Reach the finish line and discover many attractive gifts that Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game brings.

Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game is released by SayGames – a very famous game maker. SayGames often uses fun, minimalistic images. The characters are not fussy but very easy to see and lovable. The main characters in Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game are soft jelly. They can change shape according to the player’s control. Not only that, but the jellies also have the shape of lovely animals. It’s a surprise, isn’t it!

Jelly Shift Obstacle Course Game mod

Download Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game mod – Have fun with jelly balls

Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game is a lovely obstacle course game. Players will control an ice jelly on the way to the finish line. The funny jelly only knows ice and glides. If the Jelly is hit, it doesn’t stop but continues to slide. What a brave stone. With Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game, explore the world of Jelly and enjoy the wonderful jelly fever right away.

Overcoming obstacles

The jelly is a familiar dish to us. They are very flexible and slippery. In this game, Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game too. The player’s task is to control a jelly that is sliding continuously to the finish line. On the way, you will encounter many obstacles. Each obstacle has its own shape and leaves a space for your jelly to slip through. You need to observe the shape of that gap and then touch it to make the jelly turn into the appropriate shape. If you delay, the jelly will break or fall on the runway.

Jelly Shift Obstacle Course Game mod apk

Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game has tons of levels for players to explore. Each level offers a different challenge. Various obstacles change erratically. The runway has many twists and turns that can make your jelly disappear out of the way. Quickly transform your jelly into a vertical column, a horizontal box, a vertical box, etc. Adapt to your surroundings to quickly gain instant acceleration and fly to the finish line.

Assorted jellies

Unexpectedly, the flexible rhinestones not only have a transparent shape but also have many other appearances. In the shop section, you will find a lot of different jellies. In addition to the pink jelly at the beginning of the game, we will encounter other colorful jellies. They also wear accessories such as bows, hats, strings,… Besides, the jelly is also modeled after the shape of familiar animals. There are jelly-shaped cats, dogs, foxes,… More tablets are modeled after famous cartoon characters such as Panda, Superman,…

Jelly Shift Obstacle Course Game mod free

Rotation luck

After each successful stage, the lucky wheel will appear. This wheel is shaped like a lottery machine. Inside it contains many different colored spheres. You will receive any of them. They all depend on your luck. The wheel will bring a valuable and attractive gift that is diamonds. Become a rich diamond millionaire in Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game. These diamonds will help you buy more rhinestones of different colors and shapes. Fill your funny jelly collection.

Jelly Shift Obstacle Course Game mod apk free

Instant acceleration

The jellies on the track are like an F1 racer. When the time comes, they will accelerate immediately to break through and reach the finish line. How does your jelly speed up? Make multiple hurdles accurately, and you’ll get the multi-colored vibrant jelly fever. A rush of jelly when landing will give your jelly a spectacular speed up. They also help jelly have destructive power. Normally the jelly would be very soft, but now it has become hard. Any obstacle that gets in the way will be blown away by the jelly.

Jelly Shift Obstacle Course Game mod apk android

Have fun with Jelly

Soft, cool, colorful jellies are now our friends. The colorful and fun Jelly Shift world is waiting for you to come and explore. Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game is an offline game with hundreds of levels. When the weather is hot like this, staying indoors and playing with jelly is a great option. You can freely explore all levels of the game at any time. Have fun and laugh without breaking a sweat.

Jelly Shift Obstacle Course Game mod android

In this hot summer, our mood is easy to get angry. Let Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game mod cool your mood. Provides hours of super entertaining and refreshing fun. SayGames has made a game with the perfect balance of visuals, sounds, and gameplay. This is definitely the hottest game this summer. Have fun with the cool, pliable Jelly so your summer won’t be boring anymore.

How to Download & Install Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course Game MOD APK (God mode) for Android


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