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Updated 22/02/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameGalaxiga APK
PublisherFALCON PTE.
MOD FeaturesMenu. God mode/High damage
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Galaxiga

In recent times, a lot of flying flyer control games have been born. Although there are differences in graphics, they all have one thing in common is the combat journey of an aircraft. Typically Galaxiga, in a large space with many dangerous enemies and giant bosses. Although large in number, they will attack fairly sparsely. Create opportunities for players to still have a fun experience. Because the game is designed very simply, the number of players is also extremely high. Let me show you more.

To say the least, Galaxiga was definitely inspired by the legendary aircraft shooting games that have been around for a long time. But the biggest difference between this game compared to the monuments is the story and the mechanics in the game. You can completely upgrade your spaceships. Bring in another spaceship. Pass the divided levels available. Plus a pixel graphics point. Reminiscent of the arcade games of the past but still very nice. Also, if you want a fight in a different position, then Sky Raptor, Shootero is probably not a bad choice.

Galaxiga mod

Download Galaxiga mod – Journey to the vast universe

Most aircraft shooting games have very simple controls. It is using your fingers to move back and forth across the screen. And Galaxiga is no exception when possessing this manipulation. In each screenplay, enemies will gather in a row and a certain order. You just need to move your warship back and forth, bullets will fire and finish them off. One of the enemies has a rate of 3 types of upgrades for you to pick up. It is to level up ammo, level up spaceships, or drop rockets. Quickly pick it up to increase the power of the spacecraft. Increase your winning ability and speed.

Because the game screen is divided into small turns. So the boss is always located in the last turn of each level. If you can afford to survive to the last turn. You will see it. It depends on whether you dodge the projectiles that the enemy shoots or not. Remember, you only need to hit a single bullet and you will die immediately. Maybe many people will feel quite unfair, but that’s okay. Our spaceships are fully equipped with the latest weapons and defense. So don’t hesitate to take part in shooting all the enemies in front of the battlefield.

Galaxiga mod apk

Upgrade the number and quality of ships

After passing the first levels, players can upgrade a little spaceship with gold coins collected. In order to raise the damage a bit to take down the enemy easier. In many key levels, you can even discover a new spaceship. With new paragraph types and different skills. Damage is based on ship qualities from C to B, A then S and beyond. Collect as many spaceships as possible to deal with increasingly powerful enemies. Don’t forget the accessories included. They will be very helpful and can save your life in a certain screen.

Galaxiga mod apk free

Explore key levels

Appears when the player has completed normal levels. These key levels of gameplay have a distinct feature that you can clearly see before you enter. Inside will contain a giant boss. It was larger than the single bosses on normal levels. And its difficulty has to be called the hell level. Yes, the boss will not stop firing a lot of bullets of all sizes and shapes. With unbelievably dense amount. And dodging them all and destroying them, will you be able to do so?

Unlock competition mode

It takes a certain rank to unlock. Competition mode takes you into areas where the players are waiting there. You will confront them in terms of skill and strength. Don’t let your guard down because they have extremely high skill. Because you are a veteran player, it is quite possible that you will get vaporized. Be careful with traps that come from other players.

Galaxiga mod free

Many attractive incentives

If upgrading warships is too difficult because you do not make enough money in battles. Don’t worry too much because Galaxiga offers many different packages. Including upgrades for a spaceship, support items, or even a new warship. Or you just need to log in hard every day. You will receive great gifts on milestone days like 20 or 30 days.

Galaxiga free

Meet the gentle needs of players. Galaxiga is a not new but unique experience and is worth your time. Practice dodging by moving spaceships through projectiles. Destroy enemies and bosses, confront and defeat with other players to reach number one. All are waiting for you in Galaxiga.

How to Download & Install Galaxiga MOD APK (Menu. God mode/High damage) for Android


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