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NameJekyll & Hyde APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Jekyll & Hyde recreated the plot according to a classic English literary work in 1886. The compelling case involving Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is shocking if you know about this work. A story of psychological inclinations inside people, worries, and torments in each person. The mysteries surrounding Jekyll & Hyde and the lawyer Utterson solve the case and find the hidden things left behind. Decipher and get caught up in the story given by the game, the deeper you go, the more unusual items are seen. You won’t believe what you see, the impossible becomes possible instantly. Everything will make you curious and want to exploit more.

You transform into lawyer Utterson in this game and re-investigate the old case. He is known as a brilliant, wealthy, and influential lawyer in Great Britain in 1885. Utterson’s journey is to find the truth about Jekyll, unlocking Hyde’s code with terrible crimes. The adventure begins when you see the ferocity and cruelty in Hyde’s person. Then, one day, you and Enfield were walking down the street and heard a story about Hyde beating a little girl. He was fined restitution, but that might mean nothing to him. Instead, Utterson had caught Hyde entering the back door of Dr. Jekyll’s house, all suspicions raised from this moment.

Jekyll va Hyde mod apk

Download Jekyll & Hyde mod – expose the truth in the old case

You will be surprised at the real Hyde – a human in animal underwear. He gathers the bad, evil points and takes a long process to exploit them. As a good lawyer, you will be more interested in finding answers about Hyde’s personality. This can be considered an important project, gradually unlocking the plot, executed in secret. Your curiosity will urge you to find out and find evidence related to Jekyll & Hyde. All mysteries are placed behind Doctor Jekyll’s house door, even sometimes vaguely making you suspicious. And you are trying to tell Jekyll to be careful with Hyde, not worth the doctor’s trust.

Jekyll va Hyde apk free

Jekyll & Hyde are two but one

With the intelligence of the lawyer, you can completely decipher the plot. You will be the only one to know the truth is Jekyll & Hyde, two individuals with the same heart. Hyde is the evil version of Jekyll, hard to believe, right? But according to Jekyll, in a person, there is always a child part and a human part. The two parts of man represent good and evil when Jekyll cannot accept those two aspects. The doctor decided to create a drug to separate the two parts of his body. Thus was born Hyde, an evil version of Jekyll.

Jekyll va Hyde android

Join Utterson to investigate everything around Jekyll & Hyde

You prevented it when you learned that Jekyll left all of his fortunes to Hyde upon his death. You try to tell your doctor not to let it happen, but it doesn’t work. At that time, you did not know the truth behind Jekyll & Hyde, you always considered Hyde a wrong person. It is not until Jekyll leaves a letter for you, telling you to open it, that he dies. And when that day came, Jekyll locked himself in a dark room and didn’t want to see anyone. So you go to Jekyll’s house to find out the cause and learn the horrifying truth. The lawyer who opened Jekyll’s letter read and understood everything. A mess before his eyes, Hyde committed suicide, and Jekyll escaped.

Jekyll va Hyde apk

Facing the psychological disorder between the child and the human part

The story of Jekyll & Hyde revolves around the issue between two completely different parts of a person. Jekyll has monstrous actions due to obsession with psychological problems, not self-control. He drank homemade medicine to split into two people; the human part is Jekyll, and the child part is Hyde. Jekyll had to take the potion so much that he could master Hyde, becoming a separate person. Hyde is scared when the truth is revealed and chooses to commit suicide to end her life. After that psychological influence, Jekyll does more charity to atone for himself. The psychological struggle is horrifying, no one wants to be so bad.

Jekyll va Hyde mod

The sad story of Jekyll’s life, he had to live with himself. A game that brings genuine emotions to you and opens up many mysteries. The dark colors in Jekyll & Hyde make the plot more attractive and attractive to players. The game raises the big question, what if humans try to separate the human and the human parts from the everyday world. The tragic consequences that players can empathize with right now. It’s also because of two psychological words that people can’t live well but have to suffer. Download Jekyll & Hyde to explore the mysterious story in the intense psychological struggle of the character.

Download Jekyll & Hyde MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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