Legacy Cost MOD APK 1.1.3 (Menu, Dumb enemy/Damage Multiplier)

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NameLegacy Cost APK
PublisherWinning Starters
MOD FeaturesMenu, Dumb enemy/Damage Multiplier
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Legacy Cost is a classic adventure game. The plot revolves around a heroic boy with blond hair. When he was young, he was not a hero, just an apprentice boy in a small smithy. The owner of the forge decided to teach the boy all the skills. From forging the sharpest swords to self-defense techniques. When he reached retirement age, the master handed over the entire smithy to him. Just think that because of the love for many years, the owner wants to leave the property for him. But unfortunately, our hero discovers that the smithy is carrying a huge debt of up to a billion.

Instead of the profits that the hero thought the blacksmith would earn. With a debt of up to one billion dollars, even working day and night in the factory could not afford to pay the debt. Therefore, our hero needs to enter the path of fighting monsters to make money. Because fighting monsters inside the deep forest was not something everyone could do. When defeating them, there are countless gold and silver ingots falling. Collect and accumulate through each wave of monsters. Soon the players could have enough money to pay off the huge debt of one billion that the blacksmith was incurring. The familiar automatic role-playing game brings a classic feeling in each slash.

Legacy Cost android

Download Legacy Cost mod – The hero’s battle from the smithy earns money to pay debts up to 1 billion

Open input choose a name for your hero with at least 8 characters. Read the bulletin board called Blacksmith with two mini heroes on either side. On the bulletin board, there are some rules that players must follow. There are two buttons on the board that represent consent and acceptance. They are placed in a rectangle under the white angel wings. The main interface is designed in the workshop’s shop with brown wood tones. In the gold coin section, instead of the amount of money the player earns. Here there is the item amount shown as negative 1 billion with red last. Every time the player earns more, this debt will gradually decrease until it returns to positive.

Legacy Cost mod apk

Unlock the stage

The battle does not stop between the player and the objects, monsters appear in many locations. Unlock each area after completing the previous area’s quest. The first is on a green lawn, the hero wears a red jumpsuit. The hand holding the sharp sword slashed continuously at the enemy in front. Behind the lawn, there are more refreshing places. Mysterious forests shrouded in darkness and terrifying howls. The castle is ancient but has been abandoned and covered with spider webs. By the rocky beach near the fast-flowing river and the deep blue sky above. Each terrain has its pros and cons for the player.

Legacy Cost mod

Equipment system

The equipment on the hero is also not much. Mainly only the armor, shoes, and sword are the most important part. There are only two types of armor suits, an orange one and a charcoal green one. Hard-wearing shoes suitable for long walks. As for the sword, the weapon to destroy the enemy is forged in the workshop’s forge. All of these equipment can be upgraded and enhanced to a higher level. Stats such as HP, attack power, speed, and delay after upgrading are all included in the character skill table. In the Equipment section, there are wearable jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets. They also contribute to some additional stats for the hero.

Legacy Cost apk

Monster team

Legacy Cost is a continuous action game. Every time this monster dies and drops a lot of gold and silver, another one will appear immediately. That’s why the youkai here are many and varied. Red fire ant holding a sword. The giant blue turtle looks docile. There’s even a wooden chest appearing here. The zombies, the red and green elves, are indispensable. White rabbit with blood red eyes. The animals in the green forest, after being mutated into monsters, become objects to help players earn money. They just stood there for the hero we attacked until the health ran out without any intention of fighting back.

Legacy Cost apk free

When participating in combat, there are drops of support potions and rare gems. In it is a moss green round stone called an emerald. Collect as many of these gems as possible and enter the shop. This place sells skill books. Or magic potions to restore strength or level up heroes quickly. Bring pets to aid in the hero’s battle in Legacy Cost mod.

Download Legacy Cost MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy/Damage Multiplier) for Android

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