Iron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG MOD APK 1.1.3 (No CD)

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NameIron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesNo CD
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Iron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG is a very new and engaging RPG strategy game. Players will transform into an armored knight, a companion, with a sword in his hand. This warrior will gradually upgrade himself, not giving up until his last breath. How he fights is similar to Songoku; the longer he fights, the stronger he becomes. The internal stats and weapon strength will all be upgraded during the battle. However, players are also not allowed to be subjective because this is not a simple battle. The number of enemies and monsters and the horror of defense and attack also increased gradually. Fight and create your legacy.

Although just released, Iron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG has in it the elements of a successful game. This is a fighting game, but there is a way to play that does not take too long to get used to. Iron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG possesses almost intuitive gameplay, worthy of the name of the idle game. What the player needs to do is click on the screen to select stats and upgrade them. No need to worry too much about controlling the character or dodging damage from the opponent. Because the player’s main task is to choose stats and skills to upgrade the surface, therefore, the number of objects that need gamers to consider upgrading is uncountable. Play now Iron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG.

Iron knight Nonstop Idle RPG apk

Download Iron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG mod – Become a legendary armored knight

If you are looking for an idle fighting game, Iron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG is for you. As the name implies, this is an RPG fighting game, but it’s more about strategy. What is the strategy, players need to focus on upgrading stats instead of controlling the character? And the stats here are not simply health, attack power, or recovery. It is also about upgrading, improving character skills, and summoning other supports. The above data are all created by game makers in enormous and rich quantities. In addition, the target to destroy is not inferior in number to skill. At the beginning of the game, the enemies are simply archers with a small amount of damage. But the longer the level goes on, the more enemies appear with an increase in quality and quantity.

Iron knight Nonstop Idle RPG apk free

Fight in idleness

As mentioned earlier, Iron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG possesses straightforward gameplay. The game has two words to describe its features, which are combat and strategy. In this game, the one standing directly on the battlefield was the armored knight. That shows the fighting spirit; the player will witness the tenacity of the knight. Next, we come to the tactical nature of the game, which is up to the player. When the character fights, the more enemies you destroy, the more gold you will receive. You need to consider the reasonable use of that resource because it is not infinite. Simply, players only need to click to select the indicators to upgrade.

Iron knight Nonstop Idle RPG mod

Countless upgrade stats

Game makers create countless upgrade stats for players to show insight. Iron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG possesses three main upgrade items: passive, skill, and support. Starting with the first stat builds up the starting power of the armored knight. In the passive stats section, you can upgrade the attack power to destroy the enemy. The next stat is significant, the percentage of gold received when the character kills the enemy. That amount of gold, as you know, is the primary upgrade resource. The following stats are attack speed, movement speed, amount, and mana regeneration. Move on to the second upgrade section, skill upgrade, which brings out the top skills. The first skill is Tackle, a skill that blocks damage from enemy attacks. The next skill, fireball, makes each slash create fireballs with colossal damage. There are also many other skills waiting for players to unlock.

Iron knight Nonstop Idle RPG mod apk

Fierce enemy

Accompanied by damaging moves, the enemy of Iron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG is not to be underestimated. In the early minutes, the horseman only had to face weak archers. However, later, the enemy will be more robust and aggressive, threatening the knight’s life. After killing many archers, the player is faced with goats wielding scythes. Next are the soldiers with dangerous crossbows ready to kill the character instantly. Those are just minions, so what about the bosses? At level 15, the player must destroy the giant with an unbelievably large ax. As for level 21, a fully armored warrior awaits the player.

Iron knight Nonstop Idle RPG android

Iron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG deserves to be a successful RPG fighting game in the near future. The gameplay is simple, suitable for idleness, and combines unique stats and skills. Download Iron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG mod to help the armored knight become strong and defeat all enemies.

Download Iron knight: Nonstop Idle RPG MOD APK (No CD) for Android

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