Match Cruise MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.15.1

Updated 15/11/2023 (4 months ago)
NameMatch Cruise APK
PublisherPlazma Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1 +
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Introduce MOD APK Match Cruise

Command a small ship to explore the vastness of the sea in Match Cruise. The old captain, young crewman, and pelican make the journey unique and exciting. Experience various expeditions to the most remote places. Still the familiar, friendly way of choosing the same objects. However, is your luck big enough to help the commander have a smooth round-the-world vacation? A series of famous landmarks are waiting for you to explore, but the more beautiful, the more dangerous it is. Enjoy your vacation, but don’t forget to collect colorful quartz.

The familiar puzzle genre brings adventurers back to the early days of games. Characters and majestic natural scenery are redrawn in the direction of animation that will be accessible to all ages. The theme is explorers and pirates and so are the connectors here. Sea stars, gold coins, seashells, polychromatic vases and red quartz allow the experience to be filled with fresh colors and no longer tedious like the tasteless puzzle methods. Help is always indispensable in fateful battles. With various help, this journey will be much less burdensome.

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Download Match Cruise mod apk – Amazing ocean cruise

Be a great assistant to retired pirate Roger and his crew. This sightseeing cruise is unique when the captain is a great sailor. Having had his glorious feats during his young years, he just wanted to rest. But an unexpected thing happened to him on a sunny day. When he knew the older man’s identity, a young man and his pelican asked him many questions. This man was very hospitable, and when the conversation was fun, he suddenly fell silent. The offer to explore the vast expanse of the sea made him hesitate. And he chose to sail for the last time in his life with him.

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Traveling with paired talents

When obstacles and problems arise, that’s when we step in. It is imperative to overcome the puzzles for the sail to continue to be smooth. They were still moving three similar objects to a position to cancel each other. The main obstructions are marine debris such as broken bottles, glass, refrigerators, etc. Due to the rapid development of industry and the decreasing human consciousness, garbage is mainly used for human consumption. Use cunning to get through those in the fewest moves. Although you are not required to complete the puzzles early, you should move the most occasional turns.

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Puzzle tips

It can be seen that match 3 is the most basic and straightforward way to destroy obstacles and gain parameters to complete the question. But a puzzle is that it is very inefficient when the problem is more complex. Pairing multi-row objects in large quantities is optimally more efficient. Not only that, but when the god of luck smiles to put the superpowers together, isn’t that a dream for you. Pay attention to the requirement to win and the number of times to move objects. Avoid doing unnecessary things to make the journey smooth. Once you’re confident in your mastery, bet to multiply the rewards.

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Amazing festivals

Money is an essential thing during the journey. Winning puzzles is the most basic profit method, but it is insufficient. To complete this adventure the small fleet needed more than that. Unusual gifts and large budgets for events are the lifelines of this problem. The rewards in this are super strong, enough to conquer stubbornness from the sea. In addition, participating in festivals will also be an exciting option when you are too bored with ordinary levels. Find free tickets to unlock more challenging obstacles.

Match Cruise mod apk free min

Magnificent territories

The scenes here seem to converge the quintessence of nature and humanity fully from sparkling cities to modern and comfortable colorful lights showing the prosperity of human civilization. Going to the remote and pristine islands reminds me of the evolutionary origins of humanity. Each place has a unique beauty and is worth seeing with your eyes. And to do so, the only way is to help the white-bearded uncle move forward. Sometimes, the waves cause Roger to fall into the sea. Control the young man to save his captain. Become a cruiser to witness all the beauty of human civilization at Match Cruise mod apk.

How to Download & Install Match Cruise MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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