Merge Studio MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.8.4

Updated on 23/03/2023 (6 days ago)
NameMerge Studio APK
PublisherPaxie Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Merge Studio MOD APK Infomation

Using enough diamonds, energy will not be reduced.

The hands of makeup artists create beautiful faces in Merge Studio. They can be even more successful if you are the one who fuels these works. The selected cosmetic items will have to be quality. Even the contours of the face must be precise. How to be most comfortable for the people we are caring for. Find out more quality stuff through challenging puzzles. A good solution for you to start a wonderful life and have a high income in many different ways.

Among puzzle games, the fusion genre is considered to have existed in the early days. It is because of its charm that, until now, this genre is still well developed. Not only that, but it also spawned attractive games like Merge Studio. The game mainly focuses on the theme of makeup and cosmetics. It is a job that only professionals and gifted people can do. But even if it doesn’t, Merge Studio will still help you. Instead, reach out and experience one of the things you’ve never done before today to develop your talent.

Merge Studio mod

Download Merge Studio mod – Create perfect faces

Some people are having a hard time making themselves better. They can’t just keep getting entangled in such vital troubles. Your service will transform and make these people perfect. First, we need to find the required tool from a merging level. Then start her work by applying powder and lipstick and styling her hair. Next, the steps are done carefully to make the customer happy. The final product will help them feel most satisfied when the appearance has completely changed. There are no more negative stereotypes, just a rain of compliments.

A complete makeover

Your clients will receive your best care with professional artistry. This will be entirely up to you to decide how they will look. The steps of cleaning the face and covering the defect must be meticulous. Follow the instructions and tweak it to your liking. This beautiful work is also not difficult, and you will quickly achieve the desired results. Choose from the wardrobe’s gorgeous outfits. Dress up your customers so they can bring out their inherent beauty. The parties will only focus on the beauty you have worked so hard to create.

Merge Studio mod free

Challenging mission

Each mission is a new client for you to show off your abilities. Most of them are in a bad state when they are not taken care of themselves. According to the requirements they want, we will follow and respond. There are even a few improvements to make the overall even more perfect. There are no ugly people; they just don’t know how to make themselves beautiful. If successful, people like you will have a good reputation in customers’ eyes. Complete missions and unlock new guests who need to be served. Please don’t limit your talent; improve it a lot.

Merge Studio mod apk

Various rewards

The rewards are given to you at the end of each level after success. That’s a lot of money based on your achievements while solving the puzzle. You can buy new cosmetic sets with this money to increase your beauty. Improved more and right according to the wishes of the fastidious guests. You can do more than just a makeup artist in Merge Studio mod.

Download Merge Studio MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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