iMonster Classic MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense multipliers) 1.4.1

Updated 07/01/2023 (2 years ago)
NameiMonster Classic APK
PublisherLoongcheer Game
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK iMonster Classic

Join the journey to rescue the demon king kidnapped by bad guys in the game iMonster Classic. The world of demons is like any other, with one person at the top. The Demon King in this world is the strongest and permanently protects the members of the world. But an evil organization has targeted the demon king because of the demonic power of the leader. The Demon King has been taken away, and the world cannot exist without the Demon King in command. Freeing the demon king from his evil enemies is left to a little devil like you. So start your journey to find the demon king and uncover the plots of the evil kidnappers.

The demon king of demons was captured and imprisoned by enemies with evil plans. The world of monsters was in chaos when there was no longer a demon king to control, and rescue was inevitable. This responsibility was assigned to a newly born little devil, but this was the best choice. The other members of this world had passed the sound stage to rescue the demon king. But a little devil can, from this rescue, discover his power. This is also an opportunity for this demon to come into contact with the world after birth and perfect himself. The battle to save the demon king will be a long journey, and stick to this goal.

iMonster Classic android 1

Download iMonster Classic mod – Rescue the demon king from evil enemies

The enemy has taken action to capture the head of the demon world to gain power. The members of the demon world came forward to save the demon king, but only one person was suitable. A little devil was called in and took on this great responsibility, but it was also an opportunity. For the first time, it had the chance to leave its birthplace and access the outside world. The journey is still long and what this monster must enter are dungeons. The Demon King is still struggling with the captured enemy, and you must hurry to help. Take the chance to rescue the demon king and fight to save the demon king from the evil plan.

iMonster Classic mod 1

Kidnapped king

A battle between evil enemies and demons took place in the world under the island. The war was very catastrophic, and the two sides decided to negotiate to find a solution. But the enemies mercilessly took away the demon king and violated the negotiations between the two sides. They want to use the demon king to threaten the world of demons to surrender and receive defeat. Despite their anger, the monsters only temporarily accepted and devised a plan to rescue the demon king. The Demon King needs to be saved and continue to lead the demons against the evil enemy. Responsibility has been given, and the little devil is the one who holds the responsibility to rescue the kidnapped king.

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Fight with the enemy.

The world of monsters has been devastated after a war with an evil enemy and needs time to recover. But they wouldn’t let this place do that and had already carried out a plan to capture the demon king. The enemy’s invasion of the demon world was already challenging for this mighty creature. The fighting had reached its most intense point, and sabotaging the negotiations could not be tolerated. The battle between the demon world and the lousy enemy still needs to occur while waiting for rescue. The demons fight to protect the demon’s world and wait for the king’s recovery. World war adventure and save demon king return to lead the war of demon world.

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Demon’s power

Demons have always had special powers compared to the individuals who have control of this world. And that’s why the enemy mercilessly challenged the demon world and captured the king. You are also a demon with unique powers that the demon world has. You will gradually discover and unleash the devil’s influence in this rescue journey. Monsters can change their genes to gain new capabilities, and you can too. Demons are also gifted with fighting abilities and learn mighty magical powers. Enhance the demon’s power because that is the basis for you to rescue the demon king from the enemy.

iMonster Classic mod apk 1

Demons’ enemies have attacked this world, and there’s no reason to surrender. Especially when the enemy took away the demon king of the world and threatened the demons to abandon. Even if they lose in battle, the monsters won’t forgive their enemies easily. The fighting blood of the demons still needed to continue, and they were also required to rescue the demon king. Fight the invaders of the demon world and find a way to save those taken by them. Devil’s power is extraordinary and try to discover a different power source than any other. Download iMonster Classic mod to become a demon and fight to save the world and the demon king.

How to Download & Install iMonster Classic MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense multipliers) for Android


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