Project Clean Earth MOD APK (Menu, God mode, Free purchase) 1.30

Updated 15/01/2024 (3 months ago)
NameProject Clean Earth APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode, Free purchase
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Project Clean Earth MOD APK detail?
  1. V1: Menu, Immortality, free shopping
  2. V2: Unlimited Money
  3. V3: Menu:
  • Damage multipiler
  • Defense multipiler
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Ruby (It will + 9999 when you use it)
  • Unlimited Chipset (It will + 9999 when you use it)
  • Unlimited Batterry (It will + 9999 when you use it)

Introduce MOD APK Project Clean Earth

Project Clean Earth is a role-playing game with elements of Hack & Slash (H&K). The open world of science fiction requires people to prepare and fight to survive. The retro pixel interface adds mystery and easy access to the story for players. The radioactive leaks caused the earth to become seriously radioactive. Mutant creatures are everywhere. Therefore, the ultimate weapon of mankind. The well-hidden alien has returned to earth. It is named Bernard, this appearance is intended to purge all living creatures or mutants on earth and return it to orbit.

This sweeping strategic project called Purge the Mutans aims to create the most advanced weapons. Help players overcome waves of mutant creatures. There are many different mutant creatures and they are all collectively known as Mutans. In the form of a protective suit and wearing a purge vase on his back. With only a giant eye in the center of the head, it was easy to grasp the exact location of the Mutans to be destroyed. Discover the future that lies ahead with accurate forecasts from the manufacturer. Through the black cards with white text as if communicating and having a dialogue with the player.

Project Clean Earth mod

Download Project Clean Earth mod – Purge all mutants due to radioactive contamination

Step down from the airship shaped like a shield. Immediately start shooting and killing the mutant creatures that come close to you. Project Clean Earth goes through scenes continuously to smoothly transition from one level to the next. The battle area is monotonous, and nothing can hinder the player or the enemy. Project Clean Earth focuses on killing enemies and weaponry rather than tactics. Move your hand to move the player across the battlefield. Press continuously on mutant creatures to be able to shoot at them. Get them as close to you as possible to get the most accurate shot if you only have a normal weapon.

Project Clean Earth mod apk

Mutant creature

The radioactive leak has mutated all living things and humans. Become creatures with deformed shapes and intentions to destroy the entire earth. From small plants to giant animals, everything is mutated. Poisonous mushrooms with red polka dots sprouting legs and running around. One-eyed scorpion with two venomous tails. Humans grow more fangs, their eyes become green without any color. Stingrays crawl on the shore with protruding heads, sharp teeth. Or a giant snail with a shell full of spines, drool running all over its mouth. The four-eyed polar bear protrudes a pair of sharp fangs. Bloodthirsty Mutans!

Project Clean Earth apk

Boss fight

If it’s just mutant creatures scurrying around acting unconsciously, then standing behind them is what’s dangerous. After fighting with small Mutans, new bosses appeared. They also have diversity through each battle screen is not small. A whale with two legs and four arms and a head with four bulging eyes. Or an unknown orb with an eye in the center. Along with that are four long tentacle-like eyes and a purple tongue sticking out to wrap around you. A tadpole with three horns and evolved pointed legs. The whole head only had huge teeth exposed. Or the eye with four quick-moving legs.

Project Clean Earth apk free


When moving in battle, the player can pick up cards that accidentally appear in the game. Be it skill cards or essentials for upgrading combat weapons. Like the French cheese card that helps your robot work more smoothly. A radar card that detects the location of enemies in the battle area. Or the Shortgun card to use shotguns to shoot enemies. Defensive armor cards are made to capture iron against attack by mutants. Or a power card in the form of a blue fist. Collect a lot of the same cards to upgrade stats, weapons, skills, …

Project Clean Earth android

Move through different locations to experience different weather and terrain conditions through each battle. In addition, combining and upgrading weapons also helps Bernard a lot. Create epic combat maneuvers. Fire 3-dimensional sparks that attack in many directions. Or a circle of yellow light around the player. It forms a barrier that both protects you and attacks nearby enemies. Download Project Clean Earth mod war with mutant creatures.

How to Download & Install Project Clean Earth MOD APK (Menu, God mode, Free purchase) for Android


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