Idle Zombie Shelter 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money, Woods)

Updated on 12/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameIdle Zombie Shelter 2 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, Woods
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Idle Zombie Shelter 2 MOD APK Infomation

1. Unlimited diamonds
2. Unlimited woods

Idle Zombie Shelter 2 is an idle fighting game that continues the game series of the same name. Play as a hero with a sense of responsibility for the earth. As the post-apocalyptic days unfold, monsters are trying to invade this place. Escape from the onslaught of crazy zombies, and build a solid shelter. Equip weapons with high firepower to destroy each wave of zombies intending to attack this place. Stop their claws from reaching your beautiful base and city. Rescue the people in distress, and let them join your mighty army. Build a strong wall against the wave of crowds.

The entire city seems to have fallen into a state of ruin, with smoke everywhere. Destruction and broken buildings, distorted cars on the road. And the zombies out there are the cause of this situation. And they haven’t stopped being evil. In the midst of this conflict, players need to build a strong base as a place of refuge. Collect materials along the way and build from sturdy foundations. Although the job is difficult when the player has to fight monsters and build a base. But after going through and saving some people, you can ask for their help.

Idle Zombie Shelter 2 android

Download Idle Zombie Shelter 2 mod – Build a base and fight against zombies in the city

Divided into two modes, one is fighting, and the other is building a base. On the combat side, the player goes to an area with zombies and confronts them directly. Choose guns with high attack power and actively touch the zombies in front of you. Since it’s a head-to-head fight, they also attack you. The side that runs out of blood first will lose if teammates are involved. As for the construction mode, in the middle of an empty field, the player lays the foundation to build from the first steps. Just a whole part in the base area. Use the red bricks you get to build this place.

Idle Zombie Shelter 2 apk free

Various maps

The whole earth is being invaded by evil zombies out there. This means that it is necessary to build bases located in many different cities. And to unlock each of these locations, players need to go through three stages. Start building, when you get % out of the building, you will receive a number of purple diamonds. Until 100% of the work is achieved, the same is true, but then it takes a while before it can be put into use. The first location is, of course, in the town where you live. Players must build a small house with a terrace to place artillery shells. In New York City, it is necessary to build a police station in blue color.

Idle Zombie Shelter 2 mod apk

Build a base

When participating in the battle or adventuring in the city, you can encounter small chests. Players can pick up these chests and collect red bricks. When building each part, the use of these bricks is mandatory. Construction is complete, there is a green checkmark that shows up as completed. After building, the player gets another red brick, and the experience adds to help the player level up. This construction is supported by the people you saved in the war. Must build from the bottom up, from doors, floors, railings, and barriers, … Until stairs, terraces, fences, objects inside the building too.

Idle Zombie Shelter 2 apk

Defend the base

Players need to equip different weapons at the base to deal with when the zombies come to attack. They often become aggressive and out of control at night. As soon as a red warning text appeared, giant bosses appeared. Players need to be prepared in advance to receive these heavy attacks. Install high-fire gun systems, and equip your team with expensive weapons. The members united together to repel the strong wave of the enemy. Use elite firepower to bring peace to the city. If the player can resist, the player can collect the reward.

Idle Zombie Shelter 2 mod

During the attacks, the player always encounters people in distress. Capture and drag them back to their base. Although they are just people, you can train them to become talented shooters. Just equip them with a hiding place, a high-class gun. When cornering the wall, there is no way out, people will have to get up and destroy the enemy only. A diverse group of people, including both men and women, from young to old, synergize. Download Idle Zombie Shelter 2 mod to chase away the zombies intending to destroy the base.

Download Idle Zombie Shelter 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money, Woods) for Android

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